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June 16, 2006

creative organizing challenge(s)

Two challenges this week.

The first one is just in time for father's day. My Dad was in town for a two day visit this week. It was wonderful. I don't get to see him as much as I'd like ... he lives in Michigan and I'm outside of St. Louis. So, when we get together it's always special. 200606_grandpa_pete_grandma_norma_fire_f

Yesterday, we went to a local water park. It was Dad, his wife, my two kids and me. We had a great time (minus a few mishaps with sunscreen application ... but that's a whole other story.) I had a chance to browse through some magazines while we were there. One of them was Everyday with Rachel Ray (a great one by the way.) She had a story about her mom ... it was a one page tribute to her mom who's birthday is in July. At the bottom, she had a section called "Like Mother, Like Daughter" where she had six statements that started with "I am my mother's daughter because ..." I instantly thought scrapbook page! And with father's day just around the corner the timing was perfect. How about making a "like father, like daughter" page or mini album for your dad using "I am my father's daughter because ..." sentences for the journaling? I love Rachel's idea! Quick, simple and great tribute to dad.

The second challenge is directly related to the post below called "Live BIG, blog BIG" prompted by Stacy. Filling it out was way fun ... especially the one about what big idea am I glad I acted on.

If you took my "what's in your bucket" class with big picture scrapbooking, you may remember that I used a quote from Brian Tracy. If you aren't familiar with his work ... it is great. He has written many books on a variety of topics, but my favorites are the ones on goals. In one of his programs he asks the question "What would you dare to dream if you knew you could not fail?" It's an excellent question. Fear of failure holds us back from our true potential ... from living a life we'd love ... from dreaming BIG.

So for this week's challenge, answer the question "What would you dare to dream if you knew you could not fail?" Something may pop into your mind right away ... or you may need to brainstorm for a while. You may want to scrapbook about this, jot it down on a piece of paper, or write about it in a journal. Use whatever approach works for you ... but let's dream. And let's dream BIG. Deal?


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I've been away and want to participate on the organization.
My studio is a pile of papers I've purchased and ashame to say are not worth using for being wrinkled etc..
Let me know if it's not too late.

Mary E.

Holey Smokes!!! You are just outside of St. Louis and I live just south of Springfield, IL. We practically live across the street from each other! LOL Have a great day Aby!

Laurie Patterson

Your dad lives in MICHIGAN. That's where I'm from. I live in Massachusetts now, and don't get to see my parents very often either. My parents live in Lansing, I grew up in Birmingham and I lived in Royal Oak just before I moved to MA. Where does your dad live?

Angela Spencer

I live in St. Charles,(MO) what a small world.

Which issue of Everyday is this? I would love to see RR statements, because I also think it would be a great page.


Thanks for sharing and I will take this challenge! I have been looking for a way to start a tribute album for each of my parents who are both deceased and I think you just gave me the first page of each or at least a layout for each so thanks Aby!

Mary E.

What would you dare to dream if you knew you could not fail? When I frist read this question an answer popped into my head but I immediately dismissed it. I have thought about this question since your challenge and every time the same answer comes "Oh please! You have no clue how to do this." So here is the answer I keep coming up with. If I could not fail, I would do something significant in the scrapbooking industry. Probably designing...paper...embelishments, something along those lines. How is that for an impossible dream?

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