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December 08, 2006

freebie friday returns!

I woke up this morning with a tremendous amount of energy and the desire to get things done! Completion is a wonderful thing. Wouldn’t you agree?

I’m guessing I’m not alone in this next one, either. I have just a few things hanging around my to-do list that I’ve started but haven’t completed. And these things are draining my energy on a daily basis. So I decided that today was officially “completion day.” I’m going to get done as many in-process projects and simple tasks as humanly possible. My goal is completion.

And then I thought: “Why should I have all the fun? I bet there’s at least one blogger out there that has started a project or two, or wants to do a simple five minute task, but hasn’t done it yet.” And so … Freebie Friday Returns.

Here’s how it works. All you have to do is complete something … it can be big or little …but it has to be something that’s been hanging over your head … either because you don’t look forward to finishing it or simply because you haven’t found the time. Maybe you need to sew a button on a pair of pants. Perhaps you started a letter to a friend a month ago and just never got around to putting it in an envelope and mailing it. Maybe you have school pictures to mail off to friends or relatives. Maybe you started a scrapbook page or project… got a bit stuck and never got around to finishing it up. The idea is that this is something that’s draining you … nagging at you … just making life a bit less pleasant. Let’s check it off the list … today! OK?

I realize you may have had some other plans today … so you have until 9 PM central this Sunday. Post a comment on this blog post with your list of everything you’ve completed. It can be just one thing … that’s fine! Just get something nagging and annoying off your to-do list and you’ve qualified. And what’s the freebie???

How about a command central binder in your choice of color? Sounds yummy! Simply post a comment on this blog post telling me what you’ve completed, by Sunday evening at 9 PM central. I’ll then randomly draw one commenter from a hat and announce the command central binder winner on the blog Sunday evening. If you’re the winner, email me your mailing address and then, first thing Monday a command central binder will be headed your way! 

OK … good luck! And remember … I’m right there with you in spirit checking nagging little things off my to-do list, too! Talk to you on Sunday!


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LOL, I felt the same way today. It's warm & sunny here in CA and I think that helps me feel more motivated. Today I FINALLY got around to vacuuming (every day for the past week & a half I've said I'm gonna do it) and I also made some Frippery bracelets that I'm giving as Christmas gifts. Now, on to paying!

Jessica Hood

Just this morning I completed my Christmas shopping list! The actual shopping will be the next thing completed...hopefully! :) Happy holidays!


I just finished printing the photos for our Christmas cards, sealing and putting stamps on - now to just walk them to the mailbox! I also picked out what I want give as food gifts and now off to make some. Feels good to mark things off my LONG list!


I just returned from the Post Office after having finished wrapping and then boxing up several packages that need to be sent out of state. I have had thing ready to be mail but I didn't want to be in the line, but really it wasn't bad; everybody was in a pretty good mood!!

Emily S

Finished my Christmas Cards!!


finally did my daughter's laundry(now she doesn't need to wear mismatched outifts) and I finished a Christmas project I started last week. Hoping to have a very productive weekend and to post more accomplishments!

Karen Compas

i cleaned my kitchen sink today. i can't remember the type of sink it is, but is stains so easily and you have to use soft scrub to clean it. so, it was a nice feeling to finallly get it clean and sanitized and, out of the way.

Tammy Nielsen

I, too, woke up feeling energetic today! Great feeling. So far today, I completed my three craft swap items, packaged them up, went to the post office and they're on their way, including one to Italy. I then finished my shopping for the ingredients for my "gifts in a jar" goodies: cookie mixes and brownie mix and even a cocoa in a jar mix. Made the tags and they're now completed. I'm at work and I finished a court transcript which is due Monday. I've picked up my See's candy order. And I still have more energy to do more! I love this time of year. Happy holidays!

Rhonda :)

Yippeee...I just finished clean the top of my desk....I can finally see my desk...yippppeee!!!

Hopefully...I'll be able to keep my desk clean....that will definitely be my challenge for 2007 :)

kathleen nelson

Today I tackled my laundry-scrapbooking room. It was sooooooo nice to get it back to normal again! I can see my countertops!!!

Pam Tremble

My task for "Completion Day" is to send a note to my secret pal. I've waited too long to make contact and we're revealing our identity next week. So I want one last little note to hit her mailbox before I see her on Wednesday. Which means it needs to hit the post office no later than Saturday at noon.


I printed 100 Christmas newsletters for the Christmas cards...I'm a perfectionist and kept making changes to it to make it perfect so now it's done and printed!

Kathy Pitt

For me, it was to tackle my DDs bedroom with her, it is reasonably tidy, but I have been putting off her large carpet rug - so it is outside airing, floor is mopped and room smells so nice! Im glad its done.

Dale Anne

I finished all the cards for my Mom and half of my own Christmas cards!
Should be able to finish them all tomorrow, then it will be design some covers for the 5 Journal Jars I've made up.


I finally went through the mound of papers in my kitchen - mail, bills, kids school papers and too, too many magazines. Chucked most of them and now I can see my counter again!

Chrissie Baxter

I love those days! I have finally found and purchased my kiddos matching Christmas outfits and am 99% sure I am done Christmas shopping!


I finally remembered to order some items on-line that I have needed complete my son's Philmont Scout album!


I sent in all the rebate forms for the Christmas gifts I bought the day after Thanksgiving. Whew...glad I don't have that task looming anymore!


I finally sewed the pom-pom back on top of son's Santa hat (been meaning to do that since last year!) Also, glued an ornament together and finished Christmas gifts (ornaments and coasters.) Wrapping everything is next!


I felt very inspired this morning too! I finally finished all of my Christmas cards! Yea!!

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