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December 11, 2006

the power of completion

Wasn't that fun? Our little completion challenge was great fun for me. I've gotta tell you ... I marked some serious stuff off my to-do list ... a to-do list which recently had been growing faster than it was shrinking! And it was so motivating to see how much all of you got done, too!

And wasn't it energizing? Something done is so much more of an energy boost than something almost done.

Here's some of the stuff I got done:

laundry ... after three days of catching up from the ice storm it is DONE!

sewed patches on my daughter's Daisy vest and glued a flower on a play shoe.

caught up on paper shredding.

bought and wrapped presents to mail to California. (Even made the gift tags ... very fun.)

sent December newsletter!

birthday party number two ... DONE! And it was so fun. Thanks to all of you who posted about the treat bags ... just knowing I wasn't alone in that love / hate relationship with treat bags gave me a new perspective. I actually enjoyed getting the goodie bags together for my daughter's party. Want to see?


Kailea drew little pictures for each of her friends while I made strawberry cupcakes. Super fun. We had just a couple of little girls spend the night and made homemade pizza's and then did a little pampering with pedicures and manicures. The girls loved it! So for treat bags I picked up some lotion and body wash, a little loofah, some pretty soap, and a ring pop. Cute and fun! Thanks to all of you for your ideas and inspiration!

So ... lots of little things (and some big ones!) marked off my to-do list. It was fun knowing there were so many of you out there tackling little nagging tasks, too! We'll have to do it again some time!

There was one more little thing on my to-do list ... sharing some scenes from the ice storm. So pretty. So ironic.





crafting by candle light kept us sane!

OK ... better go get some more stuff done! Hope you have a great day!

December 10, 2006

And the winner is ...

Since the winner could not be present ... here's a play-by-play of all the excitement:

a bucket full of names


bucket being shaken-up by yours truly (who also happens to be taking the pictures.)


names being mixed up ...


winner's name being pulled from the bucket ...


so who is the winner anyway? Here's a readable photo ...


It's you Katie Butler! Congratulations! Send me your mailing address and choice of color. Your command central binder will be on it's way! Congrats to you ... and to everyone who participated! Lots o' nagging tasks were checked off to-do lists this weekend! Woohoo!

December 08, 2006

freebie friday returns!

I woke up this morning with a tremendous amount of energy and the desire to get things done! Completion is a wonderful thing. Wouldn’t you agree?

I’m guessing I’m not alone in this next one, either. I have just a few things hanging around my to-do list that I’ve started but haven’t completed. And these things are draining my energy on a daily basis. So I decided that today was officially “completion day.” I’m going to get done as many in-process projects and simple tasks as humanly possible. My goal is completion.

And then I thought: “Why should I have all the fun? I bet there’s at least one blogger out there that has started a project or two, or wants to do a simple five minute task, but hasn’t done it yet.” And so … Freebie Friday Returns.

Here’s how it works. All you have to do is complete something … it can be big or little …but it has to be something that’s been hanging over your head … either because you don’t look forward to finishing it or simply because you haven’t found the time. Maybe you need to sew a button on a pair of pants. Perhaps you started a letter to a friend a month ago and just never got around to putting it in an envelope and mailing it. Maybe you have school pictures to mail off to friends or relatives. Maybe you started a scrapbook page or project… got a bit stuck and never got around to finishing it up. The idea is that this is something that’s draining you … nagging at you … just making life a bit less pleasant. Let’s check it off the list … today! OK?

I realize you may have had some other plans today … so you have until 9 PM central this Sunday. Post a comment on this blog post with your list of everything you’ve completed. It can be just one thing … that’s fine! Just get something nagging and annoying off your to-do list and you’ve qualified. And what’s the freebie???

How about a command central binder in your choice of color? Sounds yummy! Simply post a comment on this blog post telling me what you’ve completed, by Sunday evening at 9 PM central. I’ll then randomly draw one commenter from a hat and announce the command central binder winner on the blog Sunday evening. If you’re the winner, email me your mailing address and then, first thing Monday a command central binder will be headed your way! 

OK … good luck! And remember … I’m right there with you in spirit checking nagging little things off my to-do list, too! Talk to you on Sunday!

December 05, 2006

power is back!

Normalcy is at least a possibility at this point ... although it's amazing how backed up life can get in just four quick days. Isn't it? (Well ... hopefully you don't know.) Anyway ... thanks so much for your well wishes. I appreciate your emails, comments, etc. I'll share more soon ... but first, I'm going to catch some zzzz's, in my own bed with my electric blanket (and the hum of the dryer in the background ... way down the hall.) Life is good. 

Hope you have a great night!

December 03, 2006


Since Thursday evening at 8 PM we've been without power at my house. Powerless.

No power.
No heat.
No refrigerator.
No washer.
No dryer.
No vacuum.
No Internet.
No hairdryer.
No lights.
No T.V.
No phone.
No dishwasher.
No freezer ... oh wait ... there's plenty "freeze" just outside any door. We've got that one covered.

I'm posting this at a local sandwich shop that has wi-fi. Connection with the outside world ... it's a beautiful thing.

There's just so much to blog about. So much time to sit and ponder life that there's just so much to share. It's rare to have the opportunity to slow down this much. And boy do I mean slow. Last night we all went to bed by 9:00 ... laying together in front of the fireplace, snuggled beneath just about every single blanket, sheet and down comforter that we own.

Having so many of life's little luxuries stripped away for a while makes you grateful. I simply can't wait to run the vacuum again. I think I'll do cartwheels when I GET to run my washer and dryer again. Yep ...I'm looking forward to doing laundry! And ... using my hairdryer ... I can't imagine the joy I'll feel. And oddly, I'm completely serious.

I believe everything happens for a reason. I needed to slow down and appreciate the abundance in my every day life. I thought I had done this over Thanksgiving ... but I guess not enough. I need to slow down more. Appreciate more. And I realize I have so much to be grateful for ... every day and during this temporary inconvenience in our life.

I'm grateful for my family, the meals we've cooked over our gas stove and the gas stove itself. We've had bacon, eggs and toast cooked on foil over a gas burner ... prepared by Jay and Collin. The best spaghetti I've ever tasted in my life, eaten by candlelight. Kailea and I made chili and skillet corn bread last night. (Did you know you could "bake" cornbread in a skillet? The bottom was burnt and I mean to a crisp ... but we just didn't scrape down too low. It was hot and delicious.) We've even had hot coffee, prepared with a bodum press and coffee beans that Jay crushed by putting them in a plastic bag and smashing them with a spoon. It's been kind of fun ... camping out at home. Being industrious. Figuring out how to create a sense of normalcy in the midst of no power.   

I'm grateful for our gas hot water heater. (Hot showers are good. Clean dishes are good ...and washing dishes in hot water when your house is fa-reezing cold ... that is good, too.)

I'm grateful for our wood burning fireplace and Jay's foresight in having days worth of wood stockpiled. And even more so, I'm grateful to Jay for keeping logs on our fire ALL NIGHT LONG so we can sleep in warmth and comfort.

I'm grateful for candles ... especially unscented ones because too many scents mixed together is simply unpleasant.

I'm grateful for the clean laundry Jay washed earlier in the day on Thursday before we lost power.

And I'm really grateful for my non-electric can opener.

And ... I'll be grateful when life returns to normal. But I'm sure, I'll look back on these past few days with happy feelings. It was actually kind of fun. I'm glad I had this time ... time to reflect. Time to make do. Time to slow down. And time to realize how much I have in my "normal" life. 

So it turns out ... in spite of not having power of the electrical kind ... we haven't been powerless at all.

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