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July 18, 2008

buckets (again)


but in a cute new size. The ones on the right are the newest buckets. (Aren't they cute?) They're about five inches in diameter and 3 1/2 inches tall.

I just saw them there yesterday...and of course I had to get some because: 1) how could I tell you about buckets without sharing a photo? And 2) I'll use them somewhere eventually...for a gift, on a client project, or for some other honorable purpose in my own home.

So there you go, the latest bucket report. :) (Just when you thought I couldn't possibly have another thing to say about buckets...Target goes and makes a new size.) Go figure.


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Love those!


Oh how I love the metal buckets and bins at Target!! I guess I have to run up there again! You are such an enabler *wink* Thanks for sharing the tip.


You are sooo funny. I collect baskets (woven), and you collect buckets. Hey.. we could start a support group like "Buckets, baskets and bins,"


I guess I'll need to run out and grab some too! You have such wonderful and beautiful organizing ideas on your site!!


Always love your ideas! Im off to Target as soon as I can get there! I cant wait. I get really excited at Target!:)


Wish we had a Target here! I really like the not new ones in your photo ... they look like such a great size.


Thanks for the tip. I actually still have several of the buckets from the first time around. I'm planning to use them as gifts for teachers and so forth. I'll personalize some of them with a paint pen.


I just picked up 5 of those yesterday. But I'm think I'm probably going to have to back for more. I share your bucket enthusiasm.

BTW, I just got done reading The Organized and Inspired Scrapbooker (I know, I'm way behind) and I've got some great ideas!!! Thanks!

Kim B.

My mom used those beer boxes too. She would save them "because you never know when they will come in handy". We used to take a "family drive" every Sunday in the family station wagon (it looked liked Clark Griswald's family truckster). And they are embarassed by my mini van. :) Great tips.


Target in what state? I detest target, however, on a quest for cool buckets I gone in several times to several targets in my area and low and behold not a single bucket to be found anywhere. It's getting frustrating.


Saw those.....thought of you...but I resisted!


Sonda T

I saw and grabbed!! 5 of the big ones. I can't wait to put them to good use!

Sonda T

ok Aby...I went to another Target today and they had the smaller ones! YAY ME! I picked up 5 of those babies! Now I have 5 of each! WOOOHOOO!! I can't wait to fill them up!


I LOVE buckets, too. You could never say too much about buckets!

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