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May 28, 2009

Organize Your Paper with the New [IN]PLACE System

In my current session of my Organize Your Paper Clutter workshop, several students asked me about Peter Walsh’s new [IN]PLACETM system. So I just had to check it out. Have you seen it? It’s sold through Office Max

Office max ball

and I have to tell you, this is one attractive, adaptable, and very well-thought out system.

Here are some of my favorite pieces from the line.

Clip tabs. OK, first and foremost—brilliant idea! I love how you can clip these tabs to file folders, stacks of paper, and even hanging file folders in your desk drawer or file cabinet. Better yet, the colors are simply yummy.

InPlaceSystembyPeterWalsh_FileTote-500-2 copy

Photo courtesy Office Max.

Erasable marker. How cool is this? The line includes an erasable marker, which means, you can reuse your clip tabs over and over and over again. Why is this important? Well, I find people tend to avoid creating file folders for short term projects. Who wants to waste a file folder for a project you’ll be working on for just a short time? Now you can have the best of both worlds—organized (and labeled!) project folders without any waste! I love that.

File folders with fabulous features. The file folders in this line are made out of a nice, milky (in color) plastic. They’re durable and attractive…and check out this clever feature...

Durable file folders copy

Photo courtesy Office Max.

The file folders contain a slot for binder clips. So you can clip your documents securely in place, and still open up the file folders. Or, you could use your clip tabs and store your documents portrait instead of landscape…which after all, is the way most documents are printed! (Love that!)

And since the file folders are opaque, you can see what’s inside. This is extremely helpful for you visual people out there who need to see something to remember you have it. With these folders your paper can be put away and yet still in sight! How do you love that?

Post-it® tabs with easy access. So just two weeks ago, before investigating the [IN]PLACE line, I needed some new Post-it notes. I purchased a little cube of brightly colored Post-it notes…and I thought I was happy.

Actually, I was happy until I saw the very clever Post-its that are part of the [IN]PLACE line. Why would the [IN]PLACE Post-its have made me even happier? Well, first off, they’re shaped like file tabs and I use a fair share of my sticky notes for file tabs. But, even better, Peter made it possible to access a blue Post-it (or any other color for that matter!) any time you want. How did they do it? Well they made a Foldable Cube which you can unfold to access any color you want. And the Sticky Note Wallet (shown above) stores all the sticky notes in a strip—again making it possible (and simple) to access any color Post-it any time you want. Do you know what this means my friends? Suddenly color coding is simple! You don’t have to keep five different colored file folders on hand…just one little foldable cube of sticky notes. Yay! (Thank you, Peter!!)

Desktop Sorter. I haven’t seen this item in person, but I really like the looks of it. I’m a huge fan of keeping important and often used documents in sight and in arm’s reach. This file sorter allows just that, but it also allows you to adjust the size of the sections to meet your needs. So, if you have a project with lots of reference paper (think fat file folder) simply remove a divider plate and you have a compartment big enough for your thick file folder. But that’s not all. The divider plates also pivot forward, making it easy to review files and access them. Very. Smart.

So…let’s just sum it all up as follows:  brilliant.

I’m just scratching the surface on the benefits of this great new line. It really is (as I said above) very attractive, adaptable and well thought out. So, next time you’re shopping for paper organizing solutions, give the [IN]PLACE system a look. You'll be glad you did. Here's a link to check out the product line and more of its features.


Photo courtesy Office Max.

Have you tried this product line yet? What do you think of it?

May 22, 2009

Freebie Friday!

It’s a different kind of Freebie Friday today…one where everyone has a chance to partake in the Freebie. Sounds fun, doesn’t it? Well here’s the scoop. (Pun intended.)


Yesterday we opened up a try it for free workshop called “Help! I don’t know where to begin!” The workshop starts next Tuesday, May 26th and runs for seven days. (And then it closes. If you sign up, please note this on your calendar…so you don't miss it. When it closes it closes.)

During those seven days you will start taking action on the clutter in your home! That’s right—this workshop is designed to help you move beyond feeling overwhelmed by your clutter to being motivated and in action!

Some things to keep in mind:

This workshop will be very focused in nature. We will discuss a specific strategy for getting started decluttering your home. We won’t talk about storage solutions, or how to organize the items you decide to keep. (These topics are all fair game for Organizing 101, which begins on June 2nd.)

The purpose of this workshop is two-fold. First, if you’re frustrated by your clutter, or you’re simply ready to turbo-charge your decluttering—this workshop will help you take that all-important first step! Second, the workshop is designed to give you a taste of simplify 101 workshops. It's your chance to sample how fun and effective these workshops are in helping you get organized. It is my hope you’ll love the workshop and join me in a future workshop! However, there is absolutely no obligation.

Last but not least…this workshop is filling up fast! The response has been overwhelming (in the good sort of way!) So if you’re interested, sign up now. (Like right now.) When we reach capacity, we’ll have to close registration. So sign up fast! (By the way, we will likely do this again, and the best way to be first to know is to sign up for our workshop notification list. Do that after signing up for the free workshop. Sound like a plan?)

So there’s a fun way to kick off the holiday weekend…knowing that on Tuesday you’ll be taking action on your clutter! To that I have just one word to say:  Woohoo!

Have a great weekend and I look forward to seeing you in the workshop!

**Registration is now closed! Thanks everyone who signed up!**

May 21, 2009

On my mind NOW…

Oh there is so much I want to share with you all right now…and so little time to do so!

Here’s quick snippet of what’s on my mind (and in my heart) right now.

• Feeling alive. What is it about May? By far, May is my favorite month of the year. I feel so alive in May. The days are warm, but the nights are crisp. Everything is green and alive…growing and getting better. I love the reminder that May gives me to grow and get better each and every day.

• Summer. I can’t believe it’s almost here! My focus for the summer 2009 is balance:  striking the balance between structure and free-flow; relaxation and getting things done; work and play; staying at home and going away; business and family. 

• Authenticity. I just started reading the book Style Statement: Live by Your Own Design and I was hooked after the first sentence. I love anything that involves self-discovery and self-affirmation—and this book is right up my alley. While the book is about style, it is about authenticity—authentic style. I love that and can’t wait to see what I discover.

• Sleep. Haven’t been sleeping well for the past week…so it seems sleep is on my mind an awful lot lately. Ever been there?

• Gratitude.  I was excited to see this mention of our online workshop on the Real Simple blog. Thank you, Holly!

• More gratitude. My birthday was on Tuesday. Monday night I created a list of 41 things I am grateful for, one for each year of my life. I highly recommend this as a yearly, birthday ritual. It focused my day on all that is good and all that lies ahead.  

• Fresh veggies. We ate salad from our garden for dinner last night. Yum! So happy to have fresh herbs and veggies (right from our yard!) in my life again.

• Refocusing. The year is almost mid-way through. (Can you believe it?) I’m refocusing on my word of the year—NOW—and what it I want it to mean in months and weeks ahead. Right now it means—drinking in every moment. Being present. Being aware. Finding joy and gratitude every single day. 

What’s on your mind right now? I’d love to hear.

May 20, 2009

Hey...I'm guest blogging today!

Head on over to The Lazy Mom Blog to get in on the fun!

May 18, 2009

And the winners are...

The following winners were chosen using the (Love that handy site, by the way.)

Winner number one is Christy Pair who said:  A little cleaning each day goes a very long way!!

Winner number two is Ashley L. who shared this tip:  My favorite cleaning tip would be a spray bottle with vinegar and water in it- that paired with a sprinkle of baking soda- leaves my house super clean and the extra plus- its super cheap!

Winner number three is Lisa S. who said:  The book looks great - thanks for the chance to win. To save my sanity in keeping a house clean with 2 kids running around afterwards with a path of destruction.... I try and concentrate on one room at a time and really get it clean and in order. It helps to have one place that is calm with everything clean and put away. I can go there when I get overwhelmed with the rest of the house looking all a shambles.

Winner number four is Ruth who shared this tip:  My tip is to get a system..........and then use it. If everything has a place...and things go back in their place....then you are truly just cleaning instead of picking everything up several times before cleaning. -ruth t

Winner number five is Nadine who said:  Oh, what a needful freebie! Aby, you and your sponsor are so kind :) My secret tip is to put a bay leaf on a warm (warm, not hot!) burner after cooking an intensively odorant meal like fish or cabbage. The bay leaf sets its flavor free and eliminates bad odors in the kitchen's air. I am always thrilled with how well it works. Thanks for sharing all of your great ideas!

If you see your name and comment—woohoo! Congratulations to you! Email me with your full name and mailing address and we'll make arrangements to have your book sent to you.

Who knew that would be so fun? Thanks everyone for playing along—you shared such great tips! I’m especially excited to try vinegar and baking soda and Mrs. Meyer’s products…so many comments on those! Have a happy Monday…and happy cleaning!

May 15, 2009

Freebie Friday!

Despite being a PC...the show must go on! And today, after all, is Friday...even though at my home it feels eerily like a Monday.

So...what's up for grabs during this round of Freebie Friday? None other than the book Mrs. Meyer's Clean Home. And here's the best part: five copies are up for grabs!

So let me tell you a little bit about this book, because it really is a gem. First, here's what the publisher has to say about the book:

When Thelma Meyer tells it to you, she tells it straight: Clean the kitchen daily! Don't waste anything (not even the water leftover from those potatoes you just boiled)! Always work hard!

Now for the first time, Thelma's sage advice is being made available in this revolutionary cleaning guide chock full of practical tips and secrets based on the premise that life is hectic and messy. With shortcuts and tips for cleaning the kitchen, bathroom, bedroom and living room, MRS. MEYER’S CLEAN HOME contains unexpected advice such as:

  • Never use vinegar and water on wood floors. One part dish soap and four parts water is the only way to truly get them clean. And remember to buff with a terrycloth towel.
  • Always clean out the fridge before grocery shopping. Serve the kids "Musko" ("must go") for dinner, using the items that were fast approaching expiration.
  • Wash windows on a cloudy day to avoid the nasty streaking that happens when the sun's out and glass dry too fast.

May 2009 - russell and hazel order and mrs meyers book 023

And here's my two cents. Thelma raised 9 kids! Nine. Kids. I always think there's a lot to learn from the Mom of a big family. And Thelma doesn't disappoint. Some of my favorite things about this book includes the cute graphics, like those shown above and the cleaning schedule of what to clean when, including daily, weekly, monthly and seasonal checklist. Oh, and that's the other thing...there are all sorts of nifty lists, charts and quick tips. Plus, there's great tidbits of wisdom like this: "...when you stay on top of things it's so much easier in the long run." So true...I remind myself that every time I scrub the shower!

So...that's what's up for grabs! Pretty fun, wouldn't you say? And entering to win is super easy. Simply leave a comment including your name and  a favorite cleaning tip. What do you do that saves you time or sanity when it comes to keeping that home of yours clean? I can't wait to hear all your great ideas!

I'll keep the comments open until Sunday (May 17, 2009) at 9 PM central, and all FIVE winners will be announced on Monday (barring any further explosions of personal computers, of course.) Good luck and have a great weekend!

Oh, and thanks to Hachette Book Group for this great giveaway!

POP! goes the...

P.C.! (Argh!)

I'm sitting here today happily (and productively) working at my computer, when I hear this big "pop!" followed by my computer shutting itself off. Following that...the smell of something burning. Nice.

So now here I am working on the old laptop, and uttering "I'm a P.C. I'm a P.C. I'm a P.C."

I hope you're having an uneventful afternoon. Just wanted to let you know that when my PC is back in commission (thanks, Jay!) I'll answer the remaining questions about the new labeler. In the meantime, I'll be the one muttering "I'm a P.C. I'm a P.C. I'm a P.C." 

May 11, 2009

Answers to (most) of your labeler questions:

This is just a quick follow up post about the new p-touch labeler to answer most of the questions you asked in the comments.

Q.  Heather and Sherrie asked about where to buy it, and if Target will carry it…

A.  I’m not sure if Target will carry this particular labeler. I am working on getting a definitive answer on that. If I do I will update this info in the comments section on this post. In the meantime, here is a link to retailers authorized to sell Brother products.

Q.  Annie asked:  Can you print the labels in varied colors too? And Rachel wanted to know if there is clear tape available.

A.  Yes, to both questions. According to the side of the box, you can use several varities of P-touch label tape which includes black on white, black on yellow, white on black, black on clear, gold on black, black on red, red on white and white on clear. They also have tape with acid-free adhesives in black on clear and black on white.

Q.  Sherrie asked what sizes of the label tape is available.

A.  There are four width’s available:  9/64”, ¼”, 3/8” and ½”.

Q.  Ok this one wasn’t really a question, but more of a comment. But I wanted to comment on the comment. Lelah said:  I think that not having to key in the label by hand and instead just type it quickly is genius!

A.  I totally agree. It is much, much faster to type your labels into the computer than using the little key pad (that isn’t in keyboard order!) But, don’t put your old labeler under the car tires just yet. For most client jobs, I will continue to use my handheld labeler. I like the portability, and in many situations, bringing along my laptop to print labels isn’t practical, so the handheld option will work great!

Let me know if you have any other questions!

May 10, 2009

happy mother's day!

Here's to motherhood and all the joys it entails.

From "nesting" and creating a happy home for our families...

Mother-robin feeding and taking care of our loved ones.


Of all the roles in my life being a Mom is my most favorite job of all. So, here's to a day that helps me remember how lucky I am to have the best job in the world. 

Happy Mother's Day fellow Moms. I hope you have a great day!

May 06, 2009

a new labeler to love

If you’ve been around the Creative Organizing blog for a while, you probably know that I’m a fan of labels. (Shhh…don’t tell anyone, but I even have labels in my fridge. I know it’s a bit crazy, but it does make me happy and helps keep my refrigerator organized. As does boycotting the grocery store, but that’s another story altogether.)

Now just when I thought labeling from a label maker couldn’t get any more fun, Brother comes out with the P-touch PT-1230PC .

PC-touch labeler-1

This cute, little labeler plugs right into the USB port in your computer and instantly a screen pops up where you can type in your labels. It’s that simple. You plug it in. You type. You click print. And out comes your label! 

Labeling So why’s that so great? Well, if you’re a fan of fun fonts, (and I know you fun font lovers are out there,) this labeler allows you to use any font on your computer to make your labels. That’s right:  any font installed on your computer is now fair game for labeling! (I know, just think of the possibilities…) But it doesn’t end there. You can also add small graphics, wing dings or swirls, if that makes you happy. (Which if it does, believe me, I get it. I have labels on my fridge, remember?)

So if you’re on the market for a labeler, the brother P-touch PT-1230PC could be your new labeler love, too. (And if you don’t have a labeler, you really should consider being on the market for a labeler. Seriously. You don’t know how much organizing fun you’re missing out on.)

Oh, and because I bet someone will ask...the file folder is "greenroom" from Target.

OK…gotta’ go make some more labels. I’ll be back soon...

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