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July 24, 2009

Are you joining me…

for finish it Friday this Week?

I’m happy to say that last week’s project of listing the bike trailer on Craig’s list was a huge success. It sold in 24 hours! Woohoo! I haven’t decided what to finish this weekend…but I know this for sure—finishing something will feel oh-so good!

Let me know if you’re in, and what you plan to finish this weekend.


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I would be happy if I could just get the dishwasher loaded


I am going to finish writing my September promo plan! ;)


I plan on finishing the laundry, reorganizing the master bedroom and bookkeeping for my husband's business which is 6 months behind.


I just finished all my ironing today!! Yeeh, I have ALWAYS ironing to do. This is amazing!! :0)

Sharon T

I have been following your blog for a while now and absolutely love it! Okay...I'm in for this Friday. I am going to finish sorting 3 big tubs of stuff--pics, memorabilia, school papers, etc. that I have been saving for a LLLLLOOOONNNNGGG time and been trying to get sorted for one year! Thanks for the extra push and inspiration. It will feel so good to say that they got sorted.
:) Sharon

tamara dunkin

i have two young kids (ages 2 years and 9 months), but my mom is in town this week to spend time with them. i've been working all week on "getting things done." you'd be so proud. after 6.5 YEARS, i finally REMOVED the pins that were making the "tabs" on my tab-top valences shorter and SEWED them! gasp! i did the same thing in my daughter's room (formerly my son's room), which means those tabs needed to be sewn for two years! both projects took less than an hour. sheesh! i also cleaned the garage. finished some unfinished craft projects. made some more progress on other unfinished craft projects. started cleaning our home office. corralled and stored our unused baby items. and a few other things i can't remember right now. i told you you'd be proud! it's been nice to be able to get stuff done while the kids are AWAKE and still know that someone who loves them is watching them, playing with them, etc. and you know what? it just feels GOOD to get this stuff done! next up: finish hand stitching (what a pain) the blackout fabric onto my son's roman shade(s)! thank you, aby, for FINISH IT FRIDAY. it's what gave me the KICK i needed to MAKE A LIST of things to do while my mom is here. hopefully this will continue after she leaves (though likely not to this degree)!


I plan to finish organizing the homeschooling drawers for my two oldest girls. I also hope to finish organizing *my* area of paperwork, planner, address book, notebooks and randomness.


I'm in! And I've got a list...

1. Finish the bathroom mirror frame I made - I need to seal the edges, touch up the paint, and add a coat of sealer.

2. Finishing the photo box makeover and large decoupage letter for my niece

3. Hang window treatments in my bedroom.


1. Finish laundry (that includes folding it and putting it way)

2. Put pump in water fountain to finally finish that project. Then my patio will be nearly complete!

3. Finish setting up my new landing strip (Yay! I finally have one!)

4. Help my fiance organize his mail and papers in his new dining room office. This one should be fun because I get to play with baskets!


I'm in :)

I've got a camisole that's almost finished being knit. I just have to add the trim, which I actually still have to learn how to do. My husband and I have a long car ride tonight, so this might be the perfect opportunity to get it finished!


I'm finally posting to your Finish It Friday post in hopes that I'll really get to check these items off my to-do list. I hate when things end up on my list week after week. First, finish organizing oldest son's 1st grade papers/keepsakes. We still have 6 weeks until the new school year,but I want it DONE. Second, hang decorative shelf in baby's room. I'll check in Monday!


yep I'm in - I have a whole weekend at home - so i have a 'big list'
go thru final box downstairs
list 5 things on ebay
fix photo CD's into new folder

Jeannine B.

We are on the road - traveling from Kansas to Maine! I plan to finish our drive - and enjoy two weeks with family and friends!


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