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July 27, 2009

Happy Monday + Finish It Friday Update


Happy Monday to you! I hope you had a fun-filled weekend—one that included a bit of finishing up at least one big (or little) nagging to-do, plus some time for fun, too!  Want to know what I finished this weekend? Here’s the biggest thing…

Drawer-knobIt isn’t big at all, is it? At least not size-wise—it’s just a simple little knob installed on a cabinet in my daughter’s room. This cabinet has been knobless for a…uh…really long time. But no more! The knob was purchased and installed by yours truly (which was actually harder than I had anticipated!) Now there’s a big check mark next to “knob for Kailea’s cabinet” on my to-do list! Hooray.

Now here’s the funny thing about this accomplishment. Even though it really is small, for me it trumps my other accomplishments and projects this weekend. Getting this knob installed was a bigger accomplishment than walking out of Anthropologie with only the above-shown knob. (And if you’ve ever been there…you know what an accomplishment that is!) Installing the knob was also a bigger accomplishment than completely reorganizing and rearranging Kailea’s bedroom. Why is that? The knob had been lingering on my psyche for far too long. Having this knob situation resolved just plain feels good.

So…how about you? What completely rewarding Finish it Friday project did you do this weekend?

As you can see…all things count—big or small or anything in between. So if you didn’t play along this past week, please join us this week. You’ll find it’s quite satisfying to finish that nagging little to-do! 

In the meantime…here is one of the highlights of my weekend. A huge owl landed on the playhouse roof in our neighbor’s yard. I snapped this photo through the window. I’m so happy I did…because when I went outside to get a better shot, he flew away. He was very big and very cool.


Happy Monday!


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Nicole Boulier

Love the owl picture!!

I didn't post Friday, but am happy with my accomplishments...
We got my daughter a new computer/scrapping table and bookshelf. We got it put together and organized so she'll be surprised when she comes home from her Gramma's house tomorrow.
I got all the party decorations cleaned up that have been up all week.
We went to the uniform store to price uniforms for my daughter's new school. I'm taking her back later in the week to try them on.
Now I'm tackling the rest of the laundry!



My accomplishment didn't seem like much either to me, but it has made so much difference in how I work! I have a 2 bedroom house, the 2nd bedroom I usually rent out to college students. I'm in between renters right now, and am actually considering turning my rent room into an office. I'm in school, work full time, and have a house to take care of, so I probably should have done this ages ago. So! I moved my little writing desk and chair from my front room to that extra bedroom, and my efficiency has skyrocketed! The simple fact that I am that much further from the TV keeps me on track with my office/school work.

I know exactly what you mean about the little things making the biggest differences.


I FINALLY (just today, just finished) emptied and reorganized the hall closet. There's a small box of things DH will need to go through, but WOW, what a difference a holder for mops/brooms and some cheap drawer units for swiffer and vacuum bag refills can make! All this stuff was stacked on the shelf above the coats - now easily accessible in labeled drawers (that cost me nothing because I repurposed them from my scrap room!).

wendy smedley

selecting one knob from anthropologie is such a huge accomplishment! congrats friend

Dottie K

I went through the large container of books my sister brought a few months ago on a visit home. I kept a few for me to read and sent the rest home with my friend who is an avid reader. I also cleaned out the magazine basket and sent more than half for her to enjoy also. She'll pass them on when she is done. Yeah! Thanks for the inspiration. Congrats on getting that knob completed.

Laurie T

I am super proud of myself - I finished organizing all of my paperwork. I now have a place to pay bills and a place to file everything. I also have one large grocery sack to be shredded, which I should be doing now.... :)


Great picture, Aby! I need to keep a look out for Mr. Owl so I can catch a shot of him. ;-)


I am proud to say that with my husband, I attacked our garage that was chock full of stuff from our move 3 months. Although there are a few things left to do, it looks AWESOME and is absolutely usable! I also reorganized my daughter's closet, totally went through my (paper) inbox and organized all of my baking supplies. Thanks for teh push, it felt really good.


Well, it didn't happen on the weekend, but I did finish sorting/purging, arranging my son's school work from last year-- finished it yesterday. I wouldn't allow myself to check your blog til it was done! I also bought the same son a photo album for the pictures that he's been taking th past 9 months or so. He's becoming a budding photographer and I want to encourage that. Helping him organize his favorite shots has been on my list for awhile too. I'm happy with my accomplishments- even if they were a couple days late.

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