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July 21, 2009

Weekly Organizing Quick Tip: Slow Down…

In my neck of the woods, summer is more than halfway over. I can hardly believe it myself…but school will be starting in just four short weeks! It’s time to slow down and savor the rest of the summer.

It’s time to slow down and enjoy fresh vegetables from the garden and meals cooked on the grill.

It’s time to slow down and enjoy trips to the pool with my kiddos.

It’s time to slow down, put my feet up, and relax in my hammock with a glass of iced tea and a good book.

It’s time to catch some fireflies, make some s’mores, and simply enjoy the best that summer has to offer. 


What’s on your summer to-do list? Does it include slowing down and taking a few minutes to drink it all in? If not, slow down for a minute today and make a short list of simple summer pleasures. Then…slow down…and simply enjoy!


p.s. I'd love to hear your list of simple summer pleasures! Please share your summer-time favorites in the comments. Thanks. :)


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Debbie Pendell

My family is in the heat of job hunting after four months without a job. So our summer "favorite" right now is job hunting. Seriously, on my list are picnics, walks with my kids, summer community concerts and spending time with friends whose time is more relaxed in summer as well. Watermelon any one?


We have been to the mountains a few times this summer and enjoyed picking dried dandilions and making wishes. It's the simple things in life like enjoying nature and taking a moment to appreciate all you have in front of you and stop trying to chase of dream of having MORE. Even in a small town it feels like a rat race sometimes.


Oh, my summer list is open windows, Italian ices from the corner stand, sitting in the park on Sunday mornings before it gets crowded, long days, concert in the park around the block.

I have some old ones that I don't get to indulge in these days like laying on my back in the grass and watching the clouds. Not much grass when you live in a city. :(

Lissanne / SORTED!

Aby, can you please tell me what a s’more is??! I'm intrigued!

Laurie T

My favorites are reading under my gazebo on the deck with a tall glass of cold lemonade. Also included are my quiet times in the mornings when the dew is still on the grass, the birds are chirping and the sun is making it's way into the sky. I also enjoy motorcycling with my husband, especially when we're coming home during dusk and the air is filled with fireflies! Open windows, no schedule, veggies shish-ka-bobs on the grill, playing games late into the evening - the list could go on and on!


I loved this post because it was a good reminder for me not to over-schedule summer! Some of the best things about summer require little to no planning at sitting in the backyard to hear the birds sing, enjoying a bonfire, taking advantage of the extra sunlight and eating really flavorful food from our CSA (community supported agriculture) deliveries. Mmmm, summer is so sweet!


Favourite summer slowdown? Sitting on my porch swing with my favourite Janet Evanovich book. My kids will be running and playing in the sandbox or swingset, so I can see and hear them, but I can be in my own little world for awhile.

Susie Turpin

Berries and other fresh fruit, making sno-cones at home for our family and neighbors, making other yummy deserts, good beer, bbq-ing, letting the dog run around in the back yard, just truly enjoying the outside and the weather. Truly relaxing!


Hi, Lissanne,

A s'more is a toasted marshmallow (usually cooked over a camp fire), that you sandwich between two graham crackers and a piece of Hershey's chocolate. Yum!


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