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August 07, 2009

Finish It Friday is Back!

I mentioned last week that I would be away from the computer and unable to personally finish anything this weekend. Originally I thought I’d skip Finish It Friday this week, but then I thought why? Why take a break now, just when you’re picking up such terrific momentum? (Great job, by the way. It’s been really fun to see what you’ve been crossing off those to-do lists!) So even though I’m offline right now…the finishing will go on! (Hooray!)

If you want to join in the fun this week, just share in the comments what you plan to finish this weekend. And know that I’m cheering you along from a far. Plan to check in on Monday too. I can’t wait to hear what you finish when I get back on-line!

Happy Friday…and happy finishing!


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I've been ignoring my house recently just lots going on or too tired. My daughter's room needs an overhaul and my son's could use a little work as well so here's my list:

grocery shopping
making 2 cards
organizing kids rooms
cleaning the bathrooms
gathering items for giving away


I went through both boys closets to see what we need to get for school clothes. One item checked off my to-do list and there is still so much more!! :)


I got 2 I want to do:
Finish the green stool.
Clean the flat.


I just finished 13 birthday cards for July and Aug some are late but they are finally done! And I am on vacation! Next week I will work on the house when I return from MA.

Courtney (Women Living Well)

We just finished staging all the rooms of our house to sell - but this weekend I am moving on to the closets - every closet in the house needs clean out!! I don't know how far I'll get but I am really hoping for a rainy weekend so I'm not tempted to leave the closets behind to collect some sunshine!!! We'll see!


I'm planning to finish the clothing purge/sort that's going on, and I plan to finish the homework station revamp (inspired by your post a few days ago about the cabinet you did a couple years ago). I also hope to finish a few scrapbook pages I started last weekend!!!


Today I went to Salvation Army & scored an outdated chandelier (that matches my dining room perfectly) and to Goodwill & scored a brand new oil-rubbed bronze lamp from Target. I am going to spray paint the chandelier & encourage my husband to hang it in the guest bedroom. Total cost? $13.49 + spray paint. I feel like I am brewing a head cold so hopefully I will get this little project finished.


I need to unpack from our vacation, start and finish the laundry, and blog


I have a bank account that I have been wanting to close for at least a year and today I decided I would not leave the house until I called and took the first step to get it closed. I was very close to pushing it off for another day, but I chanted Finish It Friday until I finally picked up the phone!


I need this to be held accountable so here's the plan:

Lots of laundry
Clean out daughter's drawers/closet
Finish sewing a dress
Blog beach trip


I will do my master bedroom closet.
Clean the livingroom
Clean the bathroom

jamie v

clean master bath
make baby card
clean out pantry...

there- put it in writing, still several hours left in the weekend- i can do it!

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