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October 23, 2009

Happy Friday!

Oh my gosh, it’s Friday again. Already. Did this week fly by for you, too?

At any rate, it’s Friday so it’s time for some weekend planning. I’m up for finishing some more stuff today and this weekend. Here’s my list:

  • Laundry — finish today so I don’t have to worry about it this weekend. Always better this way.
  • Paint the hallway — this is a maybe as it assumes that I can find a suitable paint color today.
  • List those two items on Craig’s list that are left over from last weekend.
  • Finalize Halloween costumes.
  • Make ghosts.


Okay…there’s my list.  What’s on your list this weekend?



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Theresa Finnigin

Lots to do this weekend...thank goodness it's the weekend! I need to buy pumpkins. I need to start shopping for Christmas Cards (yes, I do this early), and get some fall yard work done before it gets colder! I am sure the weekend will fly by.

Susie Turpin

Lots of catch up for me too. File October 'filing' items. Return a shirt to Eddie Bauer. I'm currently taking a local class on personal growth (, so, I need to work on my homework assignments. Dig out our Halloween totes in garage. Give the dog a bath.

I think that's enough...for relaxing...we are watching the Frasier series on DVD... we are in the middle of season 4.


I'm narrowing my focus this week. The only thing on my To Finish List is paint the trim in my fiance's bathroom. I painted the walls as a gift and promised to do the trim after he repaired them.

That was 8 months ago.

If/When I get that done, I might work on preparing the house for winter. But, all I'm thinking about is finishing painting. One task. I think I can handle that.


I'm working Saturday and will hopefully still have energy after that to go out with my boys! Sunday, I plan to get the kitchen table out of the garage and back in place. (I would say we're going to finish the garage as a family, but I can't vouch for the motivation of others!) Update coming on Monday.


This weekend...
- make a witch costume for a 6yr old that suddenly changed her mind about her costume
- finish my sock (knitting) and start its mate
- finalize plans and materials for daughter's Harvest Day Party at school
- go to 1 soccer game and 1 Halloween party
- put laundry away


Ok, I'm this weekend. I already today...dropped of 6 boxes/bags at the thrift store, delivered my orders to my customers, got essential groceries. YET TO DO: call insurance, call orthadontist, finish my moms "all about me album", call my mom, peel and prepare garden carrots to freeze. I'm off to work on the list.


Okay, I've been reading this for weeks now, and I'm finally going to post my weekend list:
1) pack up my scrapping stuff so it's not taking up an entire corner of the library
2) clean the bathroom
3) finish unpacking winter clothes and putting away summer clothes, and scheduling a pick up of the stuff I'm not keeping
4) clear off the dining room table of anything that doesn't belong on a dining room table
and 5) whatever else I can squeeze into 48 very short weekend hours!!!


I'm going to post this on my blog. That's one to do. Also need to do filing, make cleaning schedule, daily schedule, clean up birthday party remnants and a few other things which I need to narrow down the most important ones so it's not too overwhelming. Also must have some fun with some friends we have coming over. phew.


* I need to work 5 hours at least for work
* Remove all tiles in kitchen
* Do laundry
* Enjoy spa time with girlfriends

Think I got fun, work, hard work and nice time combined ^^.


My list:
Make homemade household cleaners and laundry detergent
Take my son to a birthday party
Go to the Haunted House (lights on)
Attend our state basketball teams FanJam
Send expired coupons overseas for military families to use
*I hope I still have time to squeeze more things into the weekend. There are so many things to do aroud our house.

alissa w.

I have been traveling the past two weeks so this my first weekend at home in awhile so I have a long list:
-grocery shop
-4 loads of laundry
-find a suitable storage place for the baby stuff we've received.
-declutter flat surfaces
-catch up on BPS class
-complete 2 scrapbook pages
-make thank you and sympathy cards
-gather and address November birthday cards
-develop November budget


Fun stuff this weekend!
Finish 4 birthday cards, 1 anniversary card, and a 2 page layout (with which I have struggled)
Pay bills (not fun)
Trick or Treat with grandchildren. Their subdivision always has trick or treating the Sunday before Halloween. A lot of the adults get dressed up too.
Celebrate my daughter's and granddaughter's birthday's

Jessica Schwab

I have also been reading this for several weeks. I love this blog! I am posting my TO DO list for the first time. I have a lot of time and no plans this weekend.
-Start entering my grades (I am a teacher)
-Finish 2 Painting orders
-Book hotel for a wedding
-RSVP for a party
-Take back 2 shirts to the store
-Order our Christmas card and my business cards
-Go for a jog
-Go to church


I finally defrosted the freezer!!! Ok, it was done more out of nescesity as I discovered that the drawers had frozen together when I went to put away the frozen food after doing the weekly shop on Friday! I had to chip away at the ice to get the food out that was already in there before I could defrost it! It has been on my list for AGES & now it's done! Hooray!!!! :o) It feels good. the whole family (age 2 years, 5 years, 8 years & 33 years) keep opening the freezer up to look at the wonderful sight of a defrosted freezer!! LOL!!!

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