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December 11, 2009

Finish It Friday!

I have a feeling I’ll be finishing up lots of stuff this weekend, but there’s just one point of focus at the get-go:

  • Finish Kailea’s bed!
This involves carrying the bed into her room, setting it up, and then, organizing the new desk drawers, dresser drawers, and bookshelves. This, my friends, is the icing on what was a very tough-to-swallow cake—all that painting this time of year really got old. But, I think it will be so worth it! She is one excited little birthday girl!


What’s on your to-finish list this weekend? Any holiday to-dos that you’re itching to check off? I’d love to hear. If you’ve been sitting on the Finish It Friday sidelines, feel free to join in this week! It’s really motivating to know that we’re not going it alone—especially this time of year! (You can learn more about Finish It Friday here.) I can't wait to hear your plans. :)


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I am going to finish the remaining Christmas cards. And mail them. And mail the gifts for out of town family. And wrap the gifts I do have. Clean. Laundry. Have some fun.


I am going to get my Christmas cards in the mail and get my coffee table cleared off!


Tis the season to feel overwhelmed!

1. Finish making pet ornaments
2. Finish stockings (need to add initials)
3. Make cheese platter for party on Saturday
4. Finish Secret Santa gift (also for Saturday party)
5. Send off the last of the cards. Only 4 left!

I'm also going to try and put a dent in my gift shopping this weekend. Good luck to everyone!

Jeannine B.

Okay - here is my Finish-It list for this weekend:

1. Make tags for teacher gift buckets.
2. Wrap 1/2 of the Christmas presents (or more if I get adventurous).
3. Post four items on Craig's List.
4. Reevaluate my Christmas gift list.
5. Finish scarves.

Jan C.

Christmas cards. Definitely the cards!


Write and send Christmas cards. (also E-cards)
Make decorative items for Christmas party at work on next thursday.
Buy 2 gifts and make them ready to send abroad.
Plan a menu for Christmas eve. (It's the most important part of christmas for us.)

uff. quite a lot...

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