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January 08, 2010

Anyone Up for Finish It Friday?

I think I am. And I say think because, well, I rather enjoyed the slower pace of the holidays. And this slower pace seems to have carried over into the week. We're on snow day number two here, which has meant canceled evening activities, more time at home, and a slower pace in general. I loved it.

But I can feel my motivation and excitement percolating as I I guess I am ready to pick it up a notch or two, and get some things done this weekend. So here's my list:

  • Finish getting ready for Monday's appointments and speaking engagement.
  • Finish my 2010 list of 101 goals for my online goals workshop.
  • Finish laundry.
  • (Start) and finish cleaning the house.
  • Finish gathering documents for the corporate tax return.

Okay...enthusiasm is diminishing (just as fast as it appeared) with the addition of that last one. But at least once it's done, it's done for a full year. That should be motivation enough.

Alright! Are you in? If you're new to Finish it Friday, you can read about it here. I hope you join will give me even more motivation to finish up that last item on my list. :) 

Happy weekend to you!


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My "Finish It" list for this weekend:
#1 finally getting the Christmas stuff into boxes and OUT of the house
#2 setting the dining table
#3 dusting and vacuuming common areas
#4 plan February's school lessons/crafts
#5 setting up my NEW laundry area ;)

I saved the laundry one for last b/c It doesn't matter if I don't do it... but it's the one I'm most looking forward to!! Here's to Getting Things Done! #GTD


I've got plans tomorrow to celebrate my sister's birthday at Disneyland, but I'm totally up for spending Sunday catching up on stupid little tasks.

- vacuum the hallway and stairs
- make a schedule for reading my "learn sign language in 24 hours" book
- make a menu plan and shopping list for the week (I haven't been shopping since before Christmas so we are out of everything!)
- start a scrapbook / notebook for my new Disney pin collection
- clear off and redo my goals board for 2010

Hopefully posting here will keep me accountable becasue I keep putting everything off. Happy Friday, everyone!!

Charmayne Bowling

Clean out Laundry Room
Do all the laundry
Take Christmas Bins back down to storage unit
Clean out upper kitchen cabinets
Goodwill Run
Tax reciepts for my daycare parents
Clean & organize Toy closet under the stairs
Find a Chello Instructor
Paperwork for new Assistant
Finish Christmas Thank you Notes
New Year Letter with Pics
Do 5 old Blog posts
Finish Sunday School Lesson

Was down and out with back issues last week so I have to make up for it this weekend.


My Finish It List:

1) File loose papers on desk
2) Read

That's it. I'm slowly working back into the non-holiday mode.

Jan C.

My most important "finish it" for this weekend is to type up a resume to take along for Monday's interview. It's just for a P/T job at the local library, and I'm not sure if they'll need a resume, but I want to be prepared. I haven't had a job in over 20 years!


I'm totally down for this (in fact, I already started one of these this evening before reading your post!)

* Finish putting away the items from the under stairs box sort
* Take down and store Christmas items
* Hang the new blinds in bedroom, office, family room and TV room
* Move the TV/DVD from office to main floor for exercise


Finish it Friday Listing:
*Clip coupons
*Attend my nieces birthday party
*wash linen from our beds
*clean my son's closet out (remove old toys/clothing for donation)
*Clean and organize my pantry in the kitchen (if I have time)


Two really big projects:
1. Put away Christmas decorations
2. Mary Kay inventory. If I cannot finish my entire inventory, I shall be
satisfied with what is spread out in the living room and dining room from
the sale I had
3. Along with inventory I shall be cleaning my MK closet and organizing so if
I finish in one weekend, I shall be astonished and deserve something

I really hope we do not get a call from one of the kids needing grandchild sitting or from my mother in law needing what ever, because now that I have this in print, I am excited to get it done!

Have a great weekend!


Yay I'm so up for this.
* Work 6 h. Already did 3.5 h almost this morning (Saturday).
* Do laundry.
* Put together kitchen cabinets. Builder is coming Tuesday to do last buildwork in the kitchen so don't wanna plaster and paint till after that so I'll put together the cabinets instead.
* Start working on the goal course.
* Exercise today and tomorrow.


Woohoo! So glad to see everyone who is joining me! Happy Saturday morning - I'm ready to get started!!


Brenda in Sunny So Cal

Hi Gals:
1. Laudry (DYL started so Ihave not done laundry for 9 days now)
2. Put away Hanukkah decor
3. Make 2 LO for my DYL class

On top of all this, My 3year old decided to become a Big Boy this weekend so we are toilet training...


I'm in. I just forgot to post on Friday when I decided what to do...

I'm going to clear off all the STUFF on the area rug and the couches in the living room, and then vacuum it! Sounds like a little thing, but a lot of it is stuff I don't want to deal with so I've been putting it off for ages.

Good luck to Jan on Monday's interview, and congrats to Brenda on your 3yo becoming a big boy!


It is Sunday night already, actually 12:22 am Monday, and I am very pleased with myself. My part of putting away the Christmas decorations is done. I love my Christmas decorations, but by the time they are to be put away, the house is beginning to look a bit cluttered so this is like getting more breathing room.

I did very well on my MK inventory but did not finish. I decided to really clean and reorganize my storage area so it is taking me a bit longer to do the inventory, but everything will be where I can find it. I am also making a master list of the discontinued products that I still have in stock. Since many of these items I put in a tote, I will not have to dig to find something if a client requests discontinued product.

The one thing I did not plan to do was trip over a box, fly through the air, and land on my knees. Well, I managed to fit that in Sat. AM and it truly was a big ouch that cramped my style.

Regardless I am still very pleased with what I accomplished and hope others were also successful.

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