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January 15, 2010

Finish It Friday (again!)

Have you ever had one of those weeks that just seemed to evaporate into thin air? I have. Whew. Where did it go?

So here we are face to face with another weekend. Are you ready to finish up some lingering to-dos? I have a lot of things to do this weekend—like clean the house again, and other exciting things like that. But the one and only thing I am going to go on record with this weekend for Finish it Friday is to create a list of unfinished projects that are lingering in my midst. For example, I painted the master bedroom back in October (before the holidays and the big bed painting project of 2009 hit), and well, there are few little lingering to-dos left over from that project. Like paint the cold air return cover, and touch up the window sill. So, I'm going to take a little tour of my home and scrapbook room this weekend and do an inventory of unfinished projects. Then, I will decide which projects are worth finishing and add these to the list. The ones that aren't worth finishing...those will go out the door.

Who is in this weekend? If you are, just post your to-do list in the comments. Then check in on Monday and let us know how you did. Super easy, and surprisingly motivating. :) And if you aren't sure what you want to do this weekend, why not join me in putting together a list of unfinished projects. can join in the Finish it Friday fun every week. (Well, at least until everything is finished, that is.) :)  


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Great minds think alike! I just started an unfinished projects list last night! So I will continue working on that. I think I will have to take your lead and throw out the projects that just aren't worth it. I also need to plan my meals for the week, and get my car back in the garage(aka finish organizing a corner of the garage and moving bins that have been sitting where my car belongs for the past 2 weeks). Oh and I need to finish my goal statements for the Goals workshop. That'll do it for me!

Cheryl Jaeger

I'm getting together with a friend to make a bunch of birthday cards and birthday gift tags so that I am READY for upcoming birthdays. I love to make cards, but I found that I was without a card when I needed one WAY too many times last year. Not this year! I will also make a plan for homemade birthday gifts &/or purchases for my children's friends' upcoming birthdays.
I should pay attention to my kitchen as well...clean the refrigerator, explore some meal plans, etc.


What a fabulous idea. I've been watching your "finish it friday" blog for a few weeks now and I've finally been motivated to join in. Already today I got several lingering projects finished (or at least moving again) thinking the whole time that this is Finish it Friday. My biggest accomplishment today was finally getting rid of some toys that continually littered my son's floor (and were in pieces, and/or hardly ever played with). I cleared out several bags of toys and got them out into the garbage before it was time to come home from school. I thought I'd been a bit aggressive and would get caught... but he didn't even notice! (guess that means I have some more work to do!) I also helped my daughter clear out all of the clothes that she either doesn't like or no longer fit into a nice pile to donate (and they are already folded and put into the car to drop off!!). I'd still like to do just like Aby yet this weekend - and finally finish up some almost done painting projects - touch ups - and rehanging the curtain rods... I got so much accomplished and I also got the whole house cleaned up - I LOVE FINISH IT FRIDAY! I'm hooked!

Jessica @ Acting Adult

I'm finally jumping in with both feet! I even blogged about it. :)

Clear the kitchen table; take down Christmas decorations; laundry; pick up my newly fixed car from the dealership; figure out how to use my new Cricut machine; put away/find homes for all the lovely new Christmas presents we received from our generous parents.


The weekends are so short! However, I try to accomplish at least one project every week (along with the usual duties of home-keeping). Being a newbie here, I must admit, I am excited by the challenge. I have decided to do the same and go through each room and see if I need to do any touch up painting, sewing, or organizing. My main goal this weekend for Finish It Friday is to
* Paint my new Creative room (top portion of walls)( a room I told my husband I was going to designate as mine and mine alone :-)
* Go to Home Depot and purchase MDF for the trim work I am doing in "my" Creative room.
* Measure the distance and mark for trim/wainscoting.
* I guess I should measure before I shop. Measure twice, shop once LOL
* Go through another shoebox full of every photo imaginable. Sort, file and throw away blurry and non descriptive or unknown photo sources/people.

Wish me luck as I dive in now. Okay...the stairs are only 15 ft from me now....okay....I think I can do this....okay here I go....KICK IN THE BUTT....I'm off and runnin'! Check back with ya'll on Monday...Whew!


* I'm in charge of a fun activity for the children at church Saturday morning, which will take much of my weekend.
* Catch up the laundry.
* Catch up the incoming mail and some paper organizing.
* Finish preparing a lesson for Sunday morning.


Okay, first time doing this, so not sure this will all get done.
Here goes:

1. Pack & mail packages that have been sitting in my dining room for a month (or more...)
2. Clean my car.
3. Finish sewing and mail my cousins very, very late x-mas present.
4. Read chapters for class.
5. Pay bills & file a bunch of random stuff.
6. Go grocery shopping, already!
7. Buy fabric to make curtains.


Hmm... I should probably add an 8th task:

8. Go to bed at a semi-reasonable hour... :\

Ruby 2 Shoes

Hi there. This is my first time to do Finish it Friday, so here goes...

1. Cleean car
2. Prepare notes for my meeting
3. Prepare receipts for Accountant
4. Ironing
5. Enter two card making challenges, link to my blog
6. Post thank you cards
7. Drink 6 glasses of water a day!

Ok, fab. I will check back with you all on Monday! Wish me luck!

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