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March 09, 2011

Stay on Top of Paper Clutter: weekly quick tip

My command central binder is one of my favorite home organizing systems. This simple, yet effective system tames paper clutter by keeping regularly used papers organized and easy to access. It will save you time searching for important papers, and put an end to unsightly paper clutter.



If you’re drowning in paper clutter, take time this week to set up a household reference binder (a.k.a. command central binder) for your regularly accessed papers. Corral together papers like carry-out menus, sports schedules and phone directories in a simple three-ring binder. (You can get complete step-by-step instructions for creating your customized binder via my f r e e download How to Create a Household Reference Binder.)


Business-card-holders-copyright-simplify101 If you’ve already received the download but haven’t set up your binder yet, why not make it your goal to spend fifteen minutes a day this week working on this project until it’s done? Or, if you’re already using a command central binder, take a few minutes this week to make sure it’s up to date. Create or update a list of emergency contact numbers, and weed out any papers that are no longer current.


Stop-sign-copyright-simplify101 Take Action! Whether you’re starting from scratch or just need to maintain your command central binder, take fifteen minutes today to make progress on this essential paper organizing system.



Happy organizing,
p.s. Do you need more ideas and easy to use systems for your paper clutter? My online workshop Organize Your Paper Clutter shows you how to set up functional and attractive systems for all the paper in your home. Get out from under the burden of your paper clutter. Class begins Tuesday, March 15th, so grab your spot today!


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I agree 110%. I just made mine recently and it has been SO helpful. I have NO paper clutter on my counters anymore. You can see the process and pics here:


I just found your blog - and OMG! Just what I need! I'll be checking back often! Great ideas!


Welcome, Tricia! So glad you found my blog. :)


Kristi Schneider

I am going to check your Household Reference Binder link. I am always looking for new and improved ways of organizing paper clutter. Thanks!


I just found your blog and love it! If I can throw another idea out there, this is what I do for my own sanity.

As an entrepreneur, I am not stranger to paper clutter. I recently purchased a cute 3-subject notebook that I carry with me at all times. The first section is where I write down phone conversations and voicemails, the second is for my planning and recording daydreams/visions, and the third is to record notes about my clients.

No more post-its and small scraps to get lost!

Organized Living Solutions

I made a household binder years ago and completely neglected it for ages. Your post reminded me of it and I dusted it off. Now I am not quite sure how I ever managed without using it daily :-)


I made one of these last year. I use it for a couple of additional things. I write user names and passwords on post it notes and put them on notebook paper inside of clear page protectors. Keeps all of numerous passwords together in one place. I did the same, writing direction on the paper, with recipes and addresses. Basically, anything I wanted to keep track of went into the notebook - including reciepts of big purchases.

This ended up being especially important when we had to evacuate with the Bastrop TX wildfires over Labor Day - my laptop and binder were the first things out the door. Thanks to the notebook, I had ready access to all of my passwords and never had to recreate my life on that front. Life is stressful enough after things like that, this notebook helped make it a smidge less awful.

shredding San Antonio

A lot of people are dealing with paper clutter both at home and at the office. These suggestions that you have shared in order to address this concern are very helpful. Thanks for sharing.

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