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July 05, 2011

Camp Card Ideas

Around here the last few weeks have been all about getting ready for camp. My daughter is going to her very first, week-long, overnight camp later this month. And while she is super excited…I’m starting to wonder if I really will make it through a week without talking to her…even once.

To make myself feel better, I decided to load her up with lots of notes and letters. Some will be sent with her in her duffel bag, and some will be mailed the week before she leaves for camp so the letters will arrive while she is there. This weekend, I decided to do a little creative organizing…and make some cards, notes and other goodies for her to take along with her. 


It all started with a little tin which Kailea decorated with stickers and rub-ons. 



This will be tucked inside her duffel bag and filled with the cards she will be sending home, little pens for writing her letters, and my notes to her—one for each day of the week.  



I thought it would be fun to make her a little note card scrapbook, so she can write down how she spends each of her days at camp. 




Here's a peak inside...



I also thought it would be fun to make some little notes...for whenever she may need a little pick-me-up. 



All of these little notes are tucked into a little envelope, which goes inside the little tin.



And all of the little notes have holes punched in them, so she can add them to her memory book.



 Here are a few more photos of the cards...




This card has a little note tucked inside...




I think...I'm ready to send my girl off to camp. 


Do you have any kids headed off to camp this summer? Any tips for this first time camper Mom? I'd love to hear from you!


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Your blog looks nice and clean just like it's topic!


This is a great idea. I guess Kailea will feel less alone when she can open all those cards every day. I have sent my boys off to camps for several years now so they don't need much attention from me anymore. But it would have been great to give them a box like yours the first year.
Have a great day.


great job aby, she is going to love these!

Mary St Clair

Oh.My.Gosh. LOVE!!!! So very cute! Peyton just got home last Saturday from her first camp trip. She had a blast! I sent a couple notes with her, but this would have been to die for adorable. Gonna have to file for next summer. She is already talking about next summer's camp! Check to see if the camp Kailea is attending uses a system that they post photos to. Peyton's had an online photo gallery which was so great to be able to see her throughout the week. She had a small camera, but she didn't take a single photo. "I was too busy Mom." : )


Thanks for your comments everyone!

Mary, I'll have to check and see if my daughter's camp has a online photo gallery. That would be so cool! I would love to see that she is okay. :)



This is absolutely adorable. When I was a child and went away to dance camp, my mother did something similar and it really made all the difference, especially when it was my first dance camp. I remember wanting to come home after the first day. This is so perfect! I love it!



I think this is really sweet. I may have to adapt those cards into something similar for the first weeks of school. Hmmm.... Now my wheels are turning.

Michele T

LOVE these! My daughter Sierra is leaving next week for her very first, week-long camp, and while I know SHE will be fine, I'm not sure I will! I just got done writing her a letter to open every day - boy it's sure hard to think of different things to write every day! I also made her a journal (covered comp book), and a little photo flip book with pics of our family and pets that she can look at if she gets lonely. I also bought her a bunch of little things I am going to wrap for her to open each day - pens, a stationary set, Gomus (erasers that are popular here), things like that. I have a lunchbox exactly like this...maybe I will copy your idea :) Thanks Aby!


@Julie, Leslie and Michele T,
Thanks for your comments! I love the idea of adapting this to school, Julie! Let me know what you do for that.

Michele, I love your ideas for camp, too! I love the photo flip book idea and the journal - so fun!

Thanks for sharing your ideas and comments!



Wow Aby, you have been busy. This is a super cool idea - love your cards, what an awesome Mom you are :). Kailea is going to love this - I hope she has a really fun time at camp :)


Aby, you are one special MOM!! Love it!

Jenn Talbot



@Shari and CarolT, thanks so much for your comments! It was a super fun project. :)



@Jenn Talbot,

Here are links to the posts about garage sales:

Good luck!



So how did Kailea like camp? The notes were sooo adorable!


Kailea loved camp!! She had a blast! :)


Lovely handwrinting!

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