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November 01, 2011

Get Your Home Ready for the Holidays: 28 Day Challenge – Day 6

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Day 6:  Declutter Your Halloween or Other Holiday Decorations

As I was pulling out our Halloween decorations this year, I realized most of it doesn’t really suit my sense of style anymore. And my kids have kind of outgrown most of it, too. As a result, most of it stayed in the bins. So I thought today, the day after Halloween, it would make sense to declutter this first set of holiday decorations—the Halloween stuff—in the spirit of making space for the upcoming holidays.


If you’re in a part of the world that doesn’t celebrate Halloween, you can still join in the fun today by decluttering other décor items. This could be going through your Fall / Winter (or Spring / Summer for my friends down under) decorations. Or you could simply reevaluate your year-round decorations. Your goal is to create some space, on your flat surfaces and possibly in your storage bins, for the Thanksgiving and / or Christmas decorations you’ll be pulling out this year.


Happy decluttering! And let us know how it goes in the comments.


P.S. Speaking of holidays, my online workshop Get Organized for the Holidays begins today! (I’m so excited!) This workshop shows you how to get your holiday to-do list under control so it is filled with the tasks and activities that make the holiday season meaningful and enjoyable for you and your family. It’s one of my favorite simplify 101 workshops, and I’d love for you to be a part of the fun and holiday preparations! You can learn more and grab your spot here.  


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Sadly, the Halloween/Fall box didn't even make it out of the attic this year!


Done! Plus I put up hooks in the kiddos play area to hang up dress up clothes and costumes!! :)

Kirsten Goff

Pat! Pat! Pat! That would be the sound of me patting myself on the back because I did this automatically this morning before I had even read this post!


Woohoo! Nice job Caryn and Kristen! And Salinda, you were just ahead of the game. :)


I know I've cut a corner here and put this off till another time.... all my ornaments came back from storage in boxes on the weekend and rather than automatically unpack and put the out, I have stowed the boxes in our deep storage area for another time. I want to see what I miss and pull it out as and when... but I can see I've stowed a job for myself in the future ~ to clear out the long term storage area. but for now this is all I have time to do.


definitely on the to do list for this weekend!


Thanks for the reminder to pare(?) down our Halloween decorations. We left several items in our Halloween tote because they didn't seem to be our style this year.

I'm going to add them to my donation box.

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