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November 02, 2011

Get Your Home Ready for the Holidays: 28 Day Challenge – Day 7

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Day 7:  Wash Light Fixtures and Lampshades


This time of year where we live means shorter days, so I find myself wanting to do whatever I can to bring more light into our home. Washing light fixtures and lampshades is an easy way to brighten things up a bit.

Lightfixture_sink-copyright simplify101


How you clean them depends on the type of fixture or shade you’re cleaning. A sink of hot, soapy dishwater and a gentle cloth will get your glass fixtures gleaming, whereas you might use a vacuum attachment or a microfiber cloth for fabric or paper lampshades.  Some lampshades, such as silk, require professional cleaning. If you have fixtures in need of professional cleaning, this is the time!

Dust_lampshade-copyright simplify101

Now when the holidays arrive, entertaining by candlelight is just an option rather than a necessity to hide your dirty lampshades! 


Happy Cleaning!

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oooh I'm ahead on this one ~ did them last week as part of the post builder deep clean. but I do need to do my windows so I booked the window cleaner for a couple of weeks time. does this count? LOL


Indeed it does, Hannah!


Did this, almost broke one large glass plafond, it suprised me with being so heavy. Changed some lightbulbs while at it.

I have that exact same table lamp that you have in the last pic.


Leena, good going! I had some trouble myself, especially with putting them back up. They got heavier and heavier while I was tightening up the screws! IKEA for the lamp, yes? I love it, and actually need to pick up another. Sadly, we are almost 5 hours away from an IKEA store.


Yep, it's an Ikea one. I am fortunate to have two Ikeas just half an hour drive away. One is so close to work that we sometimes go there for lunch :)


I know what you mean about dropping in to Ikea for a cheap meal; we often stop by for dinner on our way home from the city if the traffic is heavy. Sometimes it can be hard to get out of there without spending a small fortune though.


Well, I was going to ask Leena if she could send me one of her 2 IKEAS, but Nancy, you make me think maybe it's better for my budget if we don't have one so close! ;-)

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