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December 08, 2011

Christmas Gift Ideas: Homemade Gifts

I know I just blogged last week about getting inspired by things I see on Pinterest for Christmas! Gift-giving is no exception. In fact, if anything, I actually have too many ideas for homemade gifts this year. I also find myself wishing I were more skilled when I see some of the projects out there. I am drooling over Aby’s knitting abilities. Take a look at this scarf she made, and just wait to see the gorgeous scarf she is knitting for her mom. So pretty!



I love the idea of homemade gifts, but I don’t think I actually “do” homemade very well. Maybe that’s just because of my perfectionist tendencies, but really… stuff doesn’t usually turn out the way I see it in my head. So I’ve learned that when I pick something to make as a gift, it needs to be a very low cost investment and have very few steps. (Less to mess up, and less money down the drain if it doesn’t turn out!)


That’s why I am loving the up-cycled scarves made from t-shirts. I’ve just made one for my step-mother, and my girls loved it so much that I might make one for them, too. Here is my scarf. I think I'll add a contrasting flower for a bit more embellishment. 



I’ve also pinned lots of ideas for teacher gifts, and my daughter, Joy, has picked out a very simple sugar scrub for her teacher this Christmas. Her teacher is frequently using hand sanitizer and then lotion, so we decided this is perfect for her! It’s so simple that Joy will make it herself. I will even turn off my perfectionist tendencies and allow her to make her own label and embellish it however she wants to. In the end, she will proudly hand her teacher a useful, consumable, heartfelt, hand-made gift. How sweet is that?


Do you sew? Paint? Crochet? What handmade gifts will you be giving this year?


Happy Holidays,

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Boy...that describes me perfectly. Love the scarves.


I used to make homemade strawberry jam. My girlfriend used to be really good and make fleece doggie blankets and blackberry jam. Another friend would make gingerbread cookies and pomegranite jelly. She got turned off when some family members equated homemade with cheap.

I would love to crochet!
Can I say that my lack of project completion could be due to perfection tendencys? Hmm


Love the scarf!

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