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December 30, 2011

It's a Fabulous Freebie Friday

I’m so, so excited about today’s Freebie Friday. I think this product is one of the biggest things to hit the scrapbook world in years. And it was created by a scrapbooker who, when I first started scrapbooking, inspired me like no one else. Maybe you can guess who and what it is?  


Well, the product is Project Life, created by the amazing Becky Higgins. Super exciting right? I remember getting Becky’s book Scrapbooking Secrets and literally reading it from cover to cover the day it arrived. I also remember being so excited about scrapbooking that I couldn’t sleep that night—I tossed and turned, totally inspired and excited to scrapbook! (There are very few books in my life that have kept me up tossing and turning in a good way! This book was special.) 


The thing about scrapbooking, though, is that often it’s hard to keep up with all of our great ideas and record all the memories we want to record. Life happens, and sometimes it becomes difficult to fit in traditional scrapbooking. And that is what is so awesome about Project Life. As Becky’s website says…


Project Life simplifies the process of scrapbooking with a back-to-basics approach - focusing on pictures, stories, and the "stuff" of life. This simple format requires no skill - only your pictures and a pen. Our mission is to inspire you to document your life - no matter what your style or life situation. Putting pictures + stories together in Project Life makes us more aware of our blessings and encourages us to cultivate a good life.


Who doesn’t want that, right? So if you aren’t a scrapbooker currently, or you’re a scrapbooker that is looking for simplified approach to memory keeping, Project Life is for you. 


What first drew me to scrapbooking were two things:  

1) Getting my photos organized into albums so my family and I could enjoy them. And, 

2) Marrying photos with stories. Something magical happens when you tell the story behind a photo. 


Project Life makes it so much simpler for me to achieve these goals because it takes out the part of the scrapbooking process that I struggle with most—figuring out how to get photos and stories to coexist in a beautiful fashion on a 12 x 12 page. (Or in other words, it’s laying out the page that stops me in my tracks.) Project Life removes my stumbling block from the scrapbook equation. It includes divided page protectors for your photos and journaling cards. No more shuffling stuff around a blank 12 x 12 page for hours and hours on end. Hooray! 


So, perhaps you’re sensing my enthusiasm for this product? It truly is that great. And what’s even better is that you have the chance to win some of your very own Project Life goodies! Here’s what’s up for grabs…


Project Life Giveaway Postcard

The winner will receive all they need to complete their own album - a core kit, a coordinating binder, and 5 packages of the Design A Photo Pocket Pages. The winner will be able to choose any one of the 4 different editions of Project Life that are currently available. 


Here’s how to enter for your chance to win Project Life.

1) Leave a comment sharing why you need Project Life to help you organize your photos in 2012. And / or...

2) For a second chance to win, mention this giveaway post with a link on Twitter or Facebook. Then, leave a comment here telling me where you mentioned this giveaway. And / or...

3) For a third chance to win, like simplify 101 on Facebook. Then, leave another comment here telling me that you did.


Please note that the giveaway is available to U.S. residents only. Comments will stay open through Wednesday, January 4th at 9 PM Central, and the winner will be announced on the January 5th!  Good luck!


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I need this because it would make the perfect gift for my mom ... she has boxes of pictures and "stuff" hidden in the linen closet that none of us know quite what to do with or how to even begin tackling! But thanks for the opportunity no matter who wins. ;]


Liked Simplify 101 on FB. ;]


And I tweeted. ;]!/senoritao/status/152835020862652416

Marina D-K Project Life didn't totally finish last year got about 3 months done...I love the new look and would love to share with a family member so we can keep each other motivated. Thanks Aby!


My hard drive has crashed twice and I had to pay a lot to have my photos retrieved so my goal is to print all my photos and organize them in case my digital files are lost, so a Project Life kit would be perfect!

Charmayne B.

I need Project Life so that I can finally start to put the 10,000 + photos I have on my computer into an album for my fmaily to enjoy.

I used to scrapbook when my kids were younger but life has gotten so busy I just find it hard to scrapbook like I used to. This system looks simple and easier to keep up with. Less overwhelming.

Thanks for having this giveaway and for the chance to win.


I am a single mom with a 9 year old daughter and an 87 year old mom who lives with us. I work 2 jobs and scrapbooking is always at the bottom of the to-do list. My daughter always asks when are you going to put your pictures in an album so I can see them! I would love this years Project Life kit that we could all contribute to!


Shared your giveaway link on FB.


I liked creative organizing on FB.


I need Project Life so I can finally put my thousands of pictures into albums so they can be enjoyed.

Charmayne B.

Liked Simplify 101 on FB

Susan C.

I would love to document the everyday! Thanks for the chance to win. :)


I would document our possible last year in our home.


I like Simplify 101 on FB.


I have lots of photos, five kids (ages 2-9), one husband, and a great life that I want to document in a simple way - this sounds like the perfect solution! Plus it is beautiful!


I love to scrapbook when I have the time. But time is short and space is even shorter. It's hard to pull everything out for an hour or two and then have to put it all back away. So, I don't scrapbook. Project Life sounds like the perfect solution for me!

Jennifer O.

I need Project Life because time flies! I want to soak up the everyday of having youg children and Project Life is an excellent way to do that!

Jennifer O.

I also liked simplify 101 on Facebook!

Britiney @ Consider the Lilies

I need this because it makes memory keeping so easy and do-able.

Britiney @ Consider the Lilies

I "liked" S101 on FB!

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