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January 02, 2012

Monday Morning Check-In

Happy Monday morning my friends! I hope you had a terrific weekend, and a safe and happy new year celebration! Here's my Monday update...


Play List:

  • Boot camp. Check!
  • New Year’s Eve celebration. Yes! Very relaxing.


To Finish:

  • Freebie Friday post. Check!
  • Laundry. Washed – yes. Still have a load to fold. But most of the hampers are empty. (Not too bad for a holiday weekend.)
  • January’s Get Organized Checklist. Check!
  • Put away the holiday decorations and take down the tree. Check! So glad to have that taken care of. 
  • Take care of a few more returns. On today’s list. 
  • Finish 2011 bookkeeping. Progress was made. I have until the January 15 to get it all wrapped up, and we're in good shape to hit that deadline.


How was your weekend? I'd love to hear about it in the comments.


Have a great Monday!



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Happy New Year!!!!

Holiday party tonight - Check - stayed for about 4 hours and enjoyed myself
Saturday - going to my bf's house for leftovers and to celebrate the new year - Check but didn't last to new years but I had fun
Read - love to snuggle with a good book - Check
Rest - still sick and trying to get well - this has been dragging on for 4 weeks -Check but I'm calling the DR. tomorrow for an appt. - I'm getting worse again - Aaaahhhh!!!!!
To Do:
Pay Bills - Check
Banking - Check thanks to DH
Balance Checkbook - Check
Wash - I'm agree with you Aby - love to start off the week with a empty hamper - Check
Take down some holiday decorations - Thanks to DH outside and inside done except for tree - He said he would work on that this week for me.
Goals for New Year- started and have a good plan in place but still pondering on a few things - NO - going to leave as it and will re-evaluate in 3 months
Cleaned out a few more files for the year - work in progress
Cleaned House - thanks to DH
Sheets Washed- thanks to DH
Grocery Shopping - thanks to DH
Library Returns - thanks to DH

Wow Aby you got a lot done. Have a great week!


*New Year's Eve celebration with family - CHECK (lots of fun)!
*Read & relax - (some)
*Catch up in Holiday class forums - not done

*Finish prep for Bible class on Sunday - CHECK!
*Finish prep for 4H meeting on Monday - working on it today
*Finish taking down the Christmas tree & decorations - CHECK!
*Sign up for online classes - CHECK!
*Update calendar for January 2012 - working on it today


I've made a tickler file in evernote.
It's called Tickler 2012
The tickler file is a separate notebook and then each month of the year is a new note.
So far some of the things I put in there are check my birthday list and organize attic Storage
I added a few items to November and December while I was putting things from this year away

I love your monthly check list but hadn't started a tickler file yet I also plan to have a physical tickler file for things like where to find the address list for the Christmas cards I still hand write mine so it's not on the computer


Vacuum - DONE
Clean upstairs bathrooms - DONE
Christmas stuff down + put away - DONE!
Laundry - DONE
Sweep + mop kitchen - DONE
Vacuum my car + hopefully take it through the car wash - didn't get to, this week
Dusting - DONE
Get backpacks + school related supplies ready for Monday. If you can believe it my kids start back on Monday. - DONE, had a great first day back!
Work on Goodwill items - Working on, this week for sure

Bake cupcakes for NYE - peppermint with white chocolate frosting, yum!
Saturday am run - DONE
Reading - Some
Take my youngest to the movies while my husband takes the older two skiing - Fun to go with just my youngest. :)


Happy New Year Everyone! Looks like everyone had a fun, productive weekend :-)

1.Broadway Play and dinner. CHECK and we had a great time although NYC was cracy packed.
2. Sat dinner out. CHECK and another fun time
3. Sun family get together. CHECK always my favorite part of New Year's

To Do:
1. Weekly housework (dust, vacumn, bathrooms, sheets, etc...) I think I'll leave this until monday as part of the party cleanup :-) CHECK.. just finished because I un-Christmas'd the house as I went along.. Love the holidays but glad to have everything back to normal
2. Food Shopping CHECK
3. Finish up some cleanup projects I've been working on this week Some CHECK some will be finished during the week
4. Finish putting away the decorations CHECK
5. Review our schedule next week and get organized for work, etc CHECK I think we're as ready as we're going to be :-)

Have a wonderful weekend everyone

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