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May 15, 2012

Add a Little Happy to Your Workspace

This time of year, the sunny weather outside can make it harder to stay inside and get your work done. (Are you noticing this, too?) When the weather starts to tug you away from your desk, it’s more important than ever to have a “happy” workspace – a place where you enjoy spending time! Here are three simple ideas to infuse your space with a little bit of happy—to make it a brighter, more pleasant place to be. 


Declutter. One of the simplest, fastest and least expensive ways to freshen up any space (and boost your feelings about it) is to clear out some clutter. Let go of tools and supplies you no longer love and are unlikely to use. Create some breathing room in your file cabinets by clearing out paperwork from completed projects and tasks. Reevaluate the items on your desk, and eliminate anything that isn’t either a daily essential or inspiring to your eye. Getting rid of even 15 minutes worth of clutter will breathe new energy into your space and make you feel happier when you’re there. 


Use creative storage solutions. Freshen up your work space with some creative storage solutions. Stock up on brightly colored flower pots or metal buckets and use them to corral basic office supplies such as pens, pencils and scissors. Use a ceramic egg crate or votive holders for small office essentials such as paper clips, rubber bands and extra staples. Repurpose favorite ceramic bowls for Post-it notes, small notepads and index cards. 



Freshen up your office supplies.  A simple way to make your space brighter and feel more fun is with some cheerful office supplies. For example, stock up on some new Post-it notes, such as the eco-friendly Farmers Market Collection, which will add a fresh burst of color to your space. Or, next time you need a new three-ring binder or need to restock on file folders, opt for colors you love that make you (and your whole space) a notch happier.


When your workspace is a place you like to be, it makes it easier and more enjoyable to get your work done—which means, you just might get outside faster. 


How do you make your workspace a place you'd like to be—even when the weather is luring you outside? Thanks for sharing your ideas!



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Cherry Picker Hire

I agree, your workspace should be comfortable enough. Not really that luxurious but at least it can provide the basic functional elements of a work area in terms of use and comfort.

Kent Builders

Yes, if your workspace is not organized and clean then you can foucs on your work. I agree that having a workspace where you are comfortable is essential inorder to be more productive when it comes to work performance.

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