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May 24, 2012

Summer Bucket List: S is for Spot it!

Today’s summer bucket list add-on is the game Spot it! from Blue Orange Games. They offered me two complimentary games, and being the game lover that I am, I simply had to say yes. I’m always up for a fun game, and if it is cleverly packaged, all the better. Spot it! comes in a cute, round, metal tin which makes it handy for taking with you on vacation or to play while waiting for a summer concert or fireworks to begin.




Packaging aside, this game is really fun. Here’s how it works. There is always one and only one matching symbol between any two cards. Spot it and you win. That’s all there is to it. And even though it may sound too simple to be fun, it really is a lot of fun. Sometimes you sit there staring at the card for minutes, thinking “This is the set they got wrong. There’s no match.” But there always is. And there's only just one match. Plus it’s a quick game, which means you can sneak it in during a few minutes of down time. My whole family enjoys this game, and we took it with us on our trip to Michigan—they loved it up there, too. I gave my second game set to Jennifer and her family thinks its great fun, too. So if your looking for a fun new game to ad to your bucket list this summer—S is for Spot it!


By the way, if you have younger kids, no worries, just in time for summer, Blue Orange Games introduced Spot it! Jr. Animals. Spot it! Jr. Animals features 31 brightly colored cards with six different animal images on each card. With only one matching animal between any two cards, this delightful visual perception game is really fun for all kids. Children are natural learners and will love spotting the animals and matching them in this fast-paced game designed for children 4 and up, and for 2 to 6 players. 



Both Spot it! and Spot it! Jr. Animals can be bought online through,, or in stores across the country that carry Blue Orange products. 


How about you? Do you love to play games in the summer? What's your favorite game? Thanks for sharing. 



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London Roofer

Nice game, it's a fun way to enjoy summer with family indoor or outdoor during a picnic.

Kent Builders

Indeed, summertime is the perfect time to go outdoor and enjoy fun activities. This game can be both ways, indoor and outdoor. As long as it's played with family and friends then it's fun.


We love this game!!


Thanks for your comment, Amy! Isn't it so fun? Glad you love it, too. :)

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