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June 15, 2012

Anyone else missing Finish It Friday?

I am. I feel like my getting things done mojo needs the kind of boost that only Finish It Friday can give me. Do you feel that way, too?


If you’re up for participating in Finish It Friday, or you’re glad to see it back (because you play along at home or enjoy reading the posts) please post in the comments. I’d love to hear your thoughts…and then I’ll decide if I should bring it back for good (or until another sports season comes along and hijacks my weekends.) ;)


Alright…here is my list...

Checklist-copyright-simplify101More Fun:

  • Boot camp. (This is still going strong, I’m happy to say.) Check! 
  • Block party. Check!
  • Father’s Day get together. Check!
  • Dinner out. Check!
  • Pick up veggies at Farmer’s Market. Check!

More Done:

  • Pick up Komen Race t-shirts. Check!
  • Pick paint for chairs. I got some new (old) chairs for my kitchen eating area that I want to paint a happy shade of green or blue. I have some swatches and just need to make the big decision (or at least get a sample bottle.) Nope.
  • Decide how to paint chairs. I’m deciding between getting a sprayer or using a foam roller brush. Any advice? Check! I decided to spray paint them and have asked to borrow a spray painter.  
  • Go to Michael's and look at candle making stuff. (I’m guessing they have this? New crafting territory for me. Again…if you know about such things, please share.) Check! I did this...and made a whole bunch of candles. What a fun project! I was needing a project I could start and finish this weekend...and this was perfect. More on this soon. :)
  • Laundry. Check!
  • Clean house. Check! (Forgot to put this on my list but *needed* to share the victory.)


Alright…that’s good for diving back into the Finish It Friday waters. Who wants to jump in with me? If you're in, simply post your to-do list in the comments and then come back here and tell us how you did on Monday morning. I'm planning to update this post with my completion status on Monday morning (instead of making a new check-in post.) So you can post how you did in the comments of this post as well. Sound like a plan? 

Have a great weekend! 



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lisa h

I do love and misss Finish It Friday!

Keeping it simple:
Fun: take the little boy to the train show

Done: declutter and clean the patio
Make or buy 2 fathers day cards


Spray paint is the way to go on chairs, I look up everything on pinterest .....I will have to sit down for more than a second to write my finish it Friday down, glad to see it!

Alana @ Domestic Bliss Diaries

I like the Finish It Friday posts as well. My weekend consists of spending time with my sister who, as I type this, is in labor with my first nephew... Making me an aunt for the first time. ;)

Domestic Bliss Diaries - The Making + Managing of Home


@lisa h - thanks for your comment on Finish It Friday and thanks for sharing your list!
@Leea - thanks for the spray paint tip. I am not a good spary painter so I'm a bit intimidated by it...but I'm up for trying anything.
@Alana - congrats on becoming an aunt - so exciting! Thanks for your comment. By the way, I just started following you on Pinterst just last night. :)
~ Aby


whoo hoo... it's back

more fun:
father's day outing

more done:
write a few more prompts for 31 things
compile inspiration for creative workspace


Yay, Hannah, so happy you're joining in, too! So...compiling inspiration for creative space isn't fun? LOL ;)
~ Aby

Melody Willoughby

I have not participated in Finish It Friday so I think I will give it a try.
Fun: lunch out with my husband
church and lunch out with my Father
Chores: give the dogs a bath
Change printer cartridges in office printer
Set up soaker hoses in yard
Projects: finish July wreath
Finish painted terra cotta pots
Put up July mantel
Bible study


I miss Finish It Friday. I have been slacking in actually getting my sheets filled out but my weekends are mainly routine now.

-Watch Say Yes To the Dress and Randy to the Rescue with the boyfriend
-Relax and watch TV with the boyfriend (this is usually everyday)

-Work (Today, Saturday and Sunday)


I miss Finish It Friday. I have been slacking in actually getting my sheets filled out but my weekends are mainly routine now.

-Watch Say Yes To the Dress and Randy to the Rescue with the boyfriend
-Relax and watch TV with the boyfriend (this is usually everyday)

-Work (Today, Saturday and Sunday)


I LOVE Finish It Fridays. I always enjoyed ready everyone's list and thought I'd give it a try.

**More Fun**
Daughter's dance recital

**More Done**
Finish sorting/organizing girls' toys
Start packing up outgrown clothes

Here's to a fun and productive weekend :)


I haven't played along in a while but I do miss it! I will join in after we get back from our road trip in two weeks. Looking forward to getting some stuff done over the summer!

Dottie K

Woo Hoo!!!! Hello ladies, missed you! I'm so looking forward to starting again. I did keep a list so I could get things done on my own but I found posting it here always motivated more. Thanks Aby. Good luck with the chairs and candle making.

More Fun:
Work on Christmas Craft Project

More Done:
Pay Bills

Not over doing it because had to get cortisone shot in foot so limited on movement but glad to participate and get a few things done. Have a great weekend.


Definitely miss Finish It Friday..

Get Done:
Weekly Housework
Mow & trim
Vacumn Pool
Finish planting flowers
Replace overgrown hedge

Father's Day dinner with the guys
Work on organizing photos from last weekend and post

Have a great weekend everyone! So happy FIF is back :-)



YES, YES, YES I've missed Finish It Friday! And I've missed YOU, Aby :)

For some weeks, I made my own FIF list, but it's just not the same.

Here's my list for this weekend:
*Family movie/pizza night
*Celebrate Father's Day with DH & my dad

*Decompress from being gone all week & try to get back in the groove
*Wrap Father's Day gifts/sign cards
*Grocery shop
*Pick up car from repair shop
*Prepare for/teach Bible class
*Finish church directory

There are some other nagging items, but if I can accomplish this list, I'll be satisfied!

contemporary metal wall art

Making a list for an organized schedule. Really amazing idea. Efficient and great!

Jeannine B.

I've been missing Finish It Friday! Always has been a great way for me to get some projects done over the weekend.

Here's my list:

To Play:
1. Watch my daughter play soccer:)
2. Birthday party for my nephew:)
3. Dinner with friends Saturday night:)
4. Celebrate Father's day with my husband:)

To Do:
1. Clean out my daughter's pile of school stuff still sitting in my dining room:(
2. Vacuum upstairs and downstairs.
3. Organize the top shelf in the pantry (this has been nagging at me for a while).

Thanks for a little bit of inspiration and accountability this weekend!

work organizer

Excellent article, finish it friday is a great idea!


Love Finish it Friday - I have really missed it! Here's my vote for it to come back weekly. It is very motivating to see other's lists and add mine to them.

This weekend will be whatever my husband wants to do for Father's Day - we're making it spontaneous!


Yay! Thanks everyone for your enthusiasm about Finish It Friday. :) I will definitely bring it back! :) How do you feel about posting your completions in the original, Friday post?


Dottie K

Hi Aby, way to go! Looking forward to hearing about your candle making. I prefer a separate post since reader will notify me but whatever makes it easier for you.

More Fun:
Read - Finished 2 books
Work on Christmas Craft Project - Started and hopefully I can finish it this week.

More Done:
Laundry - Done
Dust - Done all but 2 rooms but I'm happy-craft room is still covered in the project I'm working on so no sense in trying to dust.
Pay Bills - Done
Ironing - Done
Bonus: Cleaned House
Completed medical paperwork - woohoo!!!! This is finally off my to-do-list and caught up for now.

On a side note: Time for me to go back and look at the goals I set back at the beginning of the year. Aby, I was hoping you would do something on goal setting mid-year. Have a great week everyone!

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