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June 29, 2012

Let’s Get Organized for the Weekend!

 Hello friends! Happy Friday to you! I hope you’ve had a great week. It’s been a wild one around here. We are back from Michigan safe and sound, and digging back in to life at home. Isn’t it funny how being away can throw you out of whack—even if you’re only gone for a little while? Because of that, for me this weekend will be about getting back on track. Here’s what’s on my fun + done lists for the weekend.


  • Bootcamp.
  • Visit with my niece and nephews.



  • Catch up on laundry.
  • Clean the house.
  • Do some simplify 101 stuff.


I just scanned my master project list…and nothing is grabbing my interest as “the project” to work on this weekend. It’s too hot to paint the chairs, and really, I think it’s too hot to do much of anything (except scrapbook. ;) ) So…I’m just going to put the must-dos on my lists this weekend, and let inspiration be my guide from there.


What’s on your fun + done list this weekend? I hope you have a great one. As always, thanks for joining me for Finish It Friday!


P.S. Be sure to enter our Freebie Friday giveaway this weekend! 


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Dottie K

Hi Aby, Ooohhh to be scrapbooking!

Fun: Read
Cookout Saturday with friends

Pay Bills
Balance Checkbook
Grocery Store
Dollar Store
Clean Entire House
Clean Garage
Make cookies and brownie torte for Saturday Cookout
Menu Plan for July 4th

No one was doing a 4th of July party in my husbands family so we are now hosting last minute. Long list of things to get done. Sometimes the unplanned parties turn out to be the most fun. Let's hope! Have a great weekend.


Fun: Watching my granddaughter for the weekend

To Do:
Quick vacumn of the pool
weekly housework
plan menu for July 4th
figure out how to work my new phone
sweep the patio and walkways

That's probably overly ambitiuos since I'll have the little one but I'll keep my fingers crossed :-)


*Family movie/pizza night
*Start reading library book (fiction)

*Help Mom with bulletin boards at church
*Plan new unit for toddler Bible class
*Change bedding
*Finish cleaning out pantry
*Try out pan organizer
*Monthly calendar (July)
*Clear tickler file
*Grade reports to insurance co
*Schedule hair color for next few months


Well it's too hot here as well so,although my list may not look small, it is way smaller than it would be ;)

Movie night or campfire
Project Life (and hopefully lots of it)
Some games with the kids

Pick rocks from campfire area
Finish installing runner lights around pool
Laundry (of course)
Party planning for the 4th
Go through paper basket
edit pics
organize pics
upload pics
order pics
The last four of which I HATE to do - ugh!!


Lots of baseball
but a chance to record lots of memories.


Getting a late start....


Clean master bath
Change bed linens

My mom is here for the weekend so enjoying time with her!
Sunday am run
Help my oldest with organizing his baseball card collection
See Brave

Happy weekending everyone :)


Monday morning check-in:

*Family movie/pizza night - CHECK!
*Start reading library book (fiction) - CHECK (and it's very good)!

*Help Mom with bulletin boards at church - CHECK!
*Plan new unit for toddler Bible class - CHECK!
*Change bedding - CHECK!
*Laundry - CHECK!
*Finish cleaning out pantry - not finished, but continuing to make progress
*Try out pan organizer - CHECK!
*Bookkeeping - no
*Monthly calendar (July) - CHECK!
*Clear tickler file - no
*Grade reports to insurance co - CHECK!
*Schedule hair color for next few months - CHECK!

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