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June 26, 2012

Unicorns + Rainbows x Pinterest = Organized Birthday Party Fun!

Last weekend we celebrated my daughter Faith’s 7th birthday. (Wow, 7? I just can’t believe it!) It was a really fun party, but I keep giggling over it. To sum it up, I have to say, “This party was brought to you by Pinterest.” LOLOL


Rainbow birthday cupcakes - simplify 101 (2) copy

I started with Aby’s birthday party printable, which has been awesome. I printed these babies out, clipped them on my clipboard, and enjoyed a portable project management system for the whole shindig. Fabulous! (Thank you again for such a great tool, Aby!)


The planning helped a lot, especially since the theme was awfully hard. Leave it to my daughter to come up with a theme that is so unpopular that there is nothing store-bought to be found. And, leave it to me to say yes to her request without ever considering this. Ugh! Unicorns are apparently way out of vogue right now, in case you were wondering. ;-) And so, necessity is the mother of pinning!


Faith wanted a gymnastics party at our local YMCA. I don’t know how gymnastics ties in with unicorns, but it seemed to make perfect sense to her. Now, rainbows and unicorns? Well, they go together like cake and ice cream, and rainbows are definitely something I was able to chase. Whoa, there are a whole lot of cool rainbow crafts and ideas out there! I knew I could work that theme to no end, but I still wanted to be sure to tie in the unicorns, too, since that was truly what Faith was after.


Pinspired by this adorable leotard, I decided to make one myself using one of Faith’s existing leotards. Though not as gorgeous as the etsy version, mine turned out cute and Faith was ecstatic when I surprised her with it.


Rainbow birthday leaotard - simplify 101


After searching in vain at local stores for invitations, I made my own. It turned out easier than I had expected because I found the perfect template in Microsoft Publisher. (How lucky am I, because finding a free template for exactly what I need never happens!) It even incorporates unicorns AND rainbows. Bonus!


I also found colorful, twisted suckers at the dollar store that look exactly like unicorn horns. I decided to work those into the party favors. Once I had three ways of pulling unicorns in with the rainbows, I felt it would be enough. I had hoped to find a giant unicorn mylar balloon or pin the horn on the unicorn, but hey… isn’t part of the mystique of unicorns that they are so rarely seen?


Onto the rainbows… I picked up a rainbow of paper placemats and balloons at the party supply store, along with a mylar rainbow. I found giant (way too loud) blow-outs and brightly colored party hats at the dollar store. I wasn’t sure it was enough, but it definitely livened up the little gray party room.


Rainbow birthday party - simplify 101

For the menu, I prepared a plate of rainbow fruits and a plate of rainbow veggies. I picked up multi-colored tortilla chips and served them with a pot of gold (cheese dip). I used white bread and various colors of jelly to make rainbow finger sandwiches. The rainbow-colored Goldfish that the kids dubbed “magical fish” were in high demand.


What I thought turned out the coolest were the drinks and cupcakes, and honestly, isn’t that the main attraction for any birthday party?  I froze a rainbow of fruit juices beforehand. Colored ice cubes in clear plastic cups + Sprite = rainbow punch! Yummy and beautiful.


Rainbow birthday punch - simplify 101

For cake, I was pinspired by these ice cream cupcakes. But because I can’t seem to ever follow a recipe exactly, I lightened up the cake by using greek yogurt in place of eggs and oil, and topped it all off with whipped cream frosting using sugar-free Jello and fat-free milk.  I figured I could offset the decadence a bit without compromising flavor, and I was right. Oh. My. Goodness. The only thing better than how delish these were was how simple it was to serve up the cake AND the ice cream. I think variations on this will be my go-to for every single birthday party from here on out!


Rainbow birthday cupcake - simplify 101

Faith and her friends had a wonderful time, so I am marking this one down as a total success. This is the first event that I have really used Pinterest to the fullest, and what a great tool it was. So many of my pins are really fun “someday” sort of ideas, so it was refreshing to pin things with a decent chance of me actually doing them. (And then doing them for real. Yay!)


Does anyone else out there get a bit overwhelmed by their pinboards sometimes? I really do love Pinterest, obviously, but Aby and I have talked quite a bit about how ideas can add to our mental clutter, too. Maybe we don’t have to step over the piles of ideas like we would with magazines and books, but it can still cause a sense of overwhelm. With this in mind, I am trying to be more judicious in what I pin, trying to keep my pinboards more organized, and celebrating big time when I use a pinboard to its fullest.


Have you used Pinterest to help you with an event or occasion? Tell us in the comments, and we’d love to see your board!


Happy Organizing!

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Look very delicious. I'm sure kids really love the party as well as the food.


What a fun party, Jen! Thanks for sharing it with us. Love how you translated all the ideas from Pinterest!


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Wow, ymuuyyy, my kids would love just it. Kids love ice cream cupcakes. Delicious.

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