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July 06, 2012

Let’s Get Organized for the Weekend!

Happy Friday my Finish It Friday friends. I hope you had a fantastic week. Did the mid-week holiday (for those of you in the U.S.) throw you off like it did me? Yesterday felt like Monday, which makes today feel nothing like Friday. It’s a nice little surprise each time I remember that it is actually Friday.


Here’s how my to-do list is shaping up this Friday:




  • boot camp.
  • hang out with Kailea. She leaves for camp on Sunday…so I’m going to keep my to-do list light this weekend so I can hang out with her as much as possible before she leaves.   



  • finish packing for camp. I'm sure this will involve a quick run to Target. But all in all, she's in good shape.
  • clean. (Yawn.)
  • laundry. It’s essentially caught up at the moment…but I’m sure there will be a load or two this weekend, in the spirit of keeping it caught up (and making sure the girl has everything she needs for camp.)
  • unpack some boxes from Michigan. My mom sent me home with some of her crystal…lots of boxes (hoping she used bubble wrap generously!) This weekend it’s time to find a home for these things. 
  • schedule eye exams.
  • schedule mammogram.


And there we have it! So exciting, right? What's on your to-do list this weekend? Hope you have a great one filled with a nice mix of fun + done. Enjoy!



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My husband has taken off a few days from work, so I'm trying to keep my FIF list rather low-key too, Aby.

*Family movie/pizza night
*Date night with DH
*Scrapbooking (Project Life)

*Prepare for/teach Bible class
*Declutter living room
*Finish putting away things on dining table
*Change sheets
*Bookkeeping (1 hr)
*Make a couple of phone calls to friends & relatives


* Family game night

To do:
* Hang curtain track in laundry
* Laundry
* Finish putting away everything from our road trip

Nice and light one this weekend.


Didn't realize yesterday was friday.. the holiday in the middle of the week has really thrown me off... this is the first weekend THIS YEAR that we do not have any planned events !!! Not that I don't have anything to do but it will be sooooo nice to do it at my own pace :-)

It's supposed to be around 100 today so I'm planning on spending this afternoon by the pool watching the kids :-)

A haircut and perm tomorrow morning.. my hair is stick straight and drives me crazy and soon as the humid weather appears

Start making vacation plans

To Do:
Catch up on housework

Pull some weeds

Catch up on some paper work for the office

Catchup on organizing, editing and posting photos from May and June

Have a great weekend everyone! Stay cool


Where has the time gone? This weekend...

To Do:
Work in flowerbeds weeding
Laundry (of course)
Pay Bills
organize some paperwork
Vacuum Upstairs
Clean Pool
Clean grill
Order new phones
Update schedules/calendars!!

help friends at their party area which was flooded
Hang out at above's campfire after
Project Life
Play games with the boys

Dottie K

Hi Everyone,

We had a party here this weekend so I had to concentrate on that. I know I'll need to get back on track next weekend. Hope everyone has a fun day and productive weekend.

Jan Connair

My two goals for the weekend, if I had checked in on Friday, would have been to clean the house top to bottom and to have some fun (i.e., actually enjoy the weekend as the vacation from work it is intended to be). Did pretty well on both fronts. We got the kids involved in vacuuming, cleaning bathrooms, and tidying bedrooms. I managed to do some decluttering in the master bedroom and bath. And I got some baking done and frankly just spent quite some time lounging around. I think we watched 4 DVDs this weekend! Success!

storage solutions

Wow! This is indeed a cool idea. I have to make mine too. Although I really don't have plans on weekend yet. Thanks a lot for this page.


Well had surgery on Weds on my hand, Wasnt able to do much since and this weekend but nap. Got brave and was able to put a load of laundry into the wash. Hubby gets to fold. For fun I went to starbucks friday, the library and the grocery store. Cabin Fever kicked in but I enjoyed the rare rain that came this weekend!

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