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July 23, 2012

Monday Check-In

Hello Monday! And hello to my finish it Friday friends! I hope you all had a great weekend! Ours was really nice. Lots of time with family just as I had hoped. And not much else done. :) Loved it! 



  • Spend time with my family. Check!



  • Laundry. Check! I was all caught up by Friday night...which of course means now there is more to do. 
  • Plan weekly meals. Check! 
  • Organize some papers in my office. Check! I felt on top of things when I finished up my business work for the weekend and that was the goal. :)


How did you do with your fun and done lists this weekend? Hope it was a great one for you!



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Yay for you, Aby! Family time is the BEST!!!

I did pretty good with my list for the weekend. I'm looking forward to my husband being home tonight. He's been gone quite a bit, but will be home for the entire week (in the evenings) and most of next weekend, so I plan on spending as much time with him & our children as possible.

*Family movie/pizza night - CHECK!
*Green smoothies - CHECK (and not my favorite)!
*Scrapbooking - mostly organization, but still a CHECK!

*General housework - CHECK!
*Laundry - CHECK!
*Prep for/teach Bible class - CHECK!
*Declutter son's closet - CHECK!
*Contact mfr of Invisishield - CHECK!
*Post photo to S101 Goals gallery - no, maybe today or tomorrow
*Grade homeschool papers - CHECK!
*Sort through some paperwork - CHECK!
*Meal planning - CHECK!
*Grocery shopping - CHECK!
*Set up printer at Mom's house - nope (for the 2nd weekend in a row)
*Organize Bible class materials - no, decided to work on homeschool materials instead
*Bookkeeping - CHECK!

Dottie K

Glad you had a fun family weekend Aby. Lycia wow you really got a lot done and enjoy having your hubby home. I had a relaxing weekend and it rain all day Saturday so it was perfect for staying in.

Fun: Read - Finished a few books
Scrapbooking or Cards - Nope just enjoyed reading

To Do:
Medical Paperwork - Done
Bank/Library - Done
Pay Bills - Done
WalMart - Done
Wash - Done
Clean House - Done

Bonus: Wrapped Birthday Gift for nephew

Have a great week!



Laundry - stay caught up! - DONE
Pack my kids up for their week at Nana's house!! -DONE and they are having so much fun!
Clean Bathrooms - DONE
Vacuum downstairs - DONE
Change out bed linens - DONE
Dusting - DONE
Clean kitchen - DONE
Update my to-do project list while my kids are gone next week :) - DONE + already working on it!


Family movie+pizza night - FUN!
Book Swap Sat at our library - Skipped it and went to an airshow to see the Thunderbirds! It was so much fun :)
Sunday am run - Skipped it to sleep in a bit!
Dinner out with my brother + his girlfriend - FUN!
Reading - I have 3 novels from the library to get thru! - Didn't finish any books but made great progress.
Put together car bags to keep the kids occupied, dvds,etc - DONE + they loved what I picked out.

Boston Closet Design

Very cute idea, i love the colors! keep the posts coming for me:)


Nice job this weekend, Lycia, Dottie and Keri!

Keri, those car bags for your kids sound great!

Enjoy the rest of your week. :)



Well I did some scanning to clean up my paperwork that is something I can do with one hand. Other than that not too much. Get my stitchs out this week

Worked on my blog it is something I have been wanting to do for a while and got things set up a bit more.

Check it out if you want:

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