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July 09, 2012

Monday Check-In

Happy Monday! I hope you had a great weekend! It was a fast one around here...but a good one, too. Here's how it all turned out...



  • boot camp. Check! And this week I’m seriously wondering why I categorize this as fun. The way my muscles felt yesterday was anything but fun.
  • hang out with Kailea. Check! Friday night we made cards together. She made cards to send to Jay and me while she is at camp and I made cards to send to her. I think writing her letters is my favorite thing about her going to camp, because being away from her for a whole week isn’t so much fun. (It’s all coming back to me now.)




  • finish packing for camp. I'm sure this will involve a quick run to Target. I was wrong: this involved two trips to Target. Didn’t realize she needed the 2-in-1 shampoo for camp. Guess we’ll add that to the checklist for next year.
  • clean. Check!
  • laundry. Two loads – check!
  • unpack some boxes from Michigan. My mom sent me home with some of her crystal…lots of boxes (hoping she used bubble wrap generously!) Okay, so what totally cracks me up is how much that last comment came back to haunt me as I unwrapped the crystal. You have never seen so much bubble wrap in one place in your life. So the crystal now has a home—that was the easy part. I’m still trying to figure out what to do with all of that bubble wrap!
  • schedule eye exams. Check!
  • schedule mammogram. Check!


The weekend flew by, but it was a nice one! Hope yours was great, too. Can’t wait to hear about it in the comments!



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Hope you & Kailea both enjoy her week at camp!

Around here, the UPS Store will take bubble wrap, peanuts, molded styrofoam - any of that kind of packing material. It's also a lot of fun to just lay out a big sheet of bubble wrap & jump up & down on it, but not so environmentally friendly as recycling it...


Thanks RazzBari, I didn't know the UPS store would take bubble wrap. Thanks for the info! ~ Aby


Good luck this week, Aby. I know first-hand what it's like to have a kid (or kids!) away at camp :(.

*Family movie/pizza night - CHECK!
*Date night with DH - CHECK!
*Scrapbooking (Project Life) - CHECK!

*Prepare for/teach Bible class - CHECK!
*Declutter living room - CHECK!
*Finish putting away things on dining table - CHECK!
*Change sheets - CHECK!
*Laundry - CHECK!
*Bookkeeping (1 hr) - CHECK!
*Make a couple of phone calls to friends & relatives - CHECK (still have one to do this week though)!


Love the journal. What a cute idea. And the cards! It never fails when my daughter goes off to camp. They are pretty remote so I just see her in a week.


While I didn't post my check list on Friday, I have been off from work for a week now. Tomorrow is surgery day, so I have been trying to get things done before surgery. Still have more laundry to do but did several loads, bought food for the pup and kitty so stocked up there.

With a 2-4lb limit for a while, need to make sure I am good to go. While my husband will be around to help sometimes you don't want to have to ask for help!


Thanks, Lisa!

April, I hope surgery goes well and that you heal quickly. Take care!


Fiona's Mosaic

Question??? The lists that y'all are posting, is that a list for the weekend? Or just Friday?

I'm getting organized slowly but surely around here. It's certainly not my gifting, but a skill that can be learned. And I AM learning. :o)

I really enjoy this blog.


@ Fiona's Mosaic,

It is the weekend to-do list...we just post it on Friday. Want to join this Friday?

Congrats on the progress you're making with your organizing!



Forgot to post yesterday :-(

It's supposed to be around 100 today so I'm planning on spending this afternoon by the pool watching the kids :-) DONE a great deal of time was spent with my feet in the pool :-)

A haircut and perm tomorrow morning.. my hair is stick straight and drives me crazy and soon as the humid weather appears DONE and it feels so much better

Start making vacation plans NOT

To Do:
Catch up on housework DONE
Pull some weeds SOME but it was awful hot
Catch up on some paper work for the office DONE
Catchup on organizing, editing and posting photos from May and June
May is DONE and July is cup-to-date.. still working on June

Also figured out how to make my Iphone work with the car :-)

Have a great week everyone


so I don't have a list to post but I wanted to comment on the bubble wrap... does your area have "craigslist"? try posting it in the free section. one of my friends got most of her boxes & packing material that way before her recent move.


Oops, it is Wednesday already!

* family game night DONE - it ended up being family movie night but still fun

To Do:
* hang curtain track in laundry - not done - need another part from the hardware store so getting that this week.
* Laundry - done, mostly! washed, just not all put away
* finish putting away everything from our road trip - DONE


Well it was a busy weekend and I did everything on my list except the thing that is always put last - Project Life and down time for me. But I did enjoy the weekend!!

To Do:
Work in flowerbeds weeding
Laundry (of course)
Pay Bills
organize some paperwork
Vacuum Upstairs
Clean Pool
Clean grill
Order new phones
Update schedules/calendars!!

help friends at their party area which was flooded
Hang out at above's campfire after
Project Life
Play games with the boys

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