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July 16, 2012

Monday Morning Check-in!

Good Monday morning! How was your weekend? I hope it was fantastic...and that you made lots of progress on those fun and done lists. Here's how the weekend turned out for us...




  • Pick up Kailea! Hooray – she is home! Thanks for all of your kind words in your Friday posts about picking her up. It is soooo good to have her home. She had a blast and even went on a zip line. That is definitely the kind of thing you're happy to hear about after the fact!
  • Dinner out. Check!




  • Laundry.  I did lots of laundry this weekend. A week's worth for Kailea, and then, Collin went away for the weekend, and brought home even more laundry for me last night. I decided that really dirty laundry is the sign of lots of fun. (Collin had lots of fun this weekend! One load to go....)
  • Plan weekly meals + grocery shop. Check! We're trying out a couple of new dishes this week. Should be fun. I've started a new Pinboard on Pinterest called “This Week for Dinner." This board has the new dishes I'll be trying this week. (Just in case you're dying to know, LOL.) And this way, I'll only print the recipe and put it in my binder IF it's a keeper. 


Aside from the above planned activities, I also finished reading a book, played UNO with Kailea and Jay, watched a movie with Kailea and Jay, cleaned the house with Kailea and Jay, and just enjoyed hearing about camp and having my girl back home. Amazing how much more relaxed I am today than I was last week at this time. :)


How was your weekend? Thanks for sharing in the comments. And thanks for joining me for Finish It Friday. Have a great week!



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Dottie K

So glad you had a fun weekend with your daughter and she had a great week.

read - finished 5 books - yes I read most of the weekend

pay bills - done
bank/library - done
wash - started but have another 2 loads today - where does it come from?????
clean house - done
ironing - NOPE

It was a very relaxing weekend. Hope everyone else had a great weekend. I'll have to plan to get more done this week since I just read and read. Later....Dottie


That sounds like a great weekend, Dottie! Glad you were able to do some reading and relaxing! ~ Aby


So glad Kailea is home & that you had a good weekend!
Mine was kind of tiring since I was focused on getting the quilt done. Hoping to sew the binding on tonight, just in time for my precious boy's 2nd birthday, which is tomorrow :)

*Finish quilt for grandson that I started two years ago - worked on it for the better part of Friday & Saturday (took much longer than I thought!); it's been quilted, but still needs the binding in order to be completely finished.

*Family movie/pizza night (unfortunately without DH, who is working out of town) - CHECK!

*Divide up meat for freezer - CHECK!
*Take old printer to Mom's house & get set up - no, will try to do that sometime this week
*Send out sympathy & friendship cards - CHECK!
*Prep for/teach Bible class - CHECK!
*Laundry - got a lot of it done, so CHECK!
*Grade chemistry tests - no
*Update postings in checkbook - CHECK!
*Order bday gift for DD's boyfriend - CHECK!
*Medical paperwork - no


Nice job Lycia! Can't believe your grandson is 2! How exciting. Congrats on getting the quilt almost done. :)

~ Aby


Glad to hear your daughter is home and had a wonderful time
Attending a local concert sunday night CHECK & WE HAD A WONDERFUL TIME
Spending the day with my Grandaughter by the pool today CHECK.. wish I had her energy
To DO:
Finished most of the weekly housework last night.. will finish it up this morning CHECK
Some weeding.. it's been so hot and dry that pretty much the only thing left is the weeds :-( Did a little but it was way too hot
Finish painting the laundry room door (started a year ago) One coat done
Recover the kitchen chairs.. measured and cut the fabric

I did do a bunch of scanning.. another pile of old photos and papers gone
and some paper work as well as updating the calendar

Have a great week everyone



*Laundry - DONE
*Change bed linens - DONE
*Vacuum - DONE
*Dusting - Almost done
*Clean bathrooms - DONE
*Vacuum my car + take it through the car wash!- Didn't get to this and it needs to happen soon!


*Movie night + pizza - YES!
*Mariners Baseball game Sat night - FUN! My daughter and her sign were on the jumbotron twice so she was thrilled :)
*Run a half-marathon on Sunday am - DONE!
*Reading - Hardly any, we were out and about too much.
*Bake cookies - YUMMY!

Yeah for Aby having such a great weekend with her daughter. Sounds like she had a great week away! I am impressed that Dottie read FIVE books in a weekend! Way to go!


I did do a bunch of scanning..another pile of old photos and papers gone and some paper work as well as updating the calendar. Just in time for my precious boy's 2nd birthday, which is tomorrow :)

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