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July 30, 2012

Monday Morning Check-In

Good morning! I hope you had a great weekend. Mine was…relaxing. Exactly what I needed. I did pretty well with my to-do list and even got a few bonus things done. But mostly, I watched the Olympics and read. The best part of the whole weekend was waking up on Sunday morning to RAIN! It is so dry here and even though we didn’t get a ton of rain, it was nice to get some rain. It restored my faith that it won’t stay hot and dry like this forever. Alright…here’s the run down on my list…


  • Boot camp. Check! It wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be—hooray! I’m sore but I have been much, much worse before. Yay.
  • Read. I finished my book. I’m so glad I read it. Cute, fun, funny. (Note to self: read more just for fun books!)
  • Movie night with friends. Check! We watched Crazy Stupid Love. I’m no movie critic…but I enjoyed it. 


  • Laundry. Hello, how did I go from in good shape on Friday to three loads to do on Sunday? Seriously? How does that happen? I haven’t a clue…but the good news is…it’s all done again.
  • Plan next week’s meals. (And shop.) Check and check. And here's the new dish we're trying this week: Gazpacho. Hope it's yummy. 
  • Clean. Check! But I ran into a little snag with the shower cleaner thing. (I didn’t have the dish soap. So that is on my errands list for the week. I haven’t given up that this is the thing that will simplify my least favorite cleaning job.)
  • Start and finish an important writing project. Okay…so I was doing well until I got here. There is no set deadline for this project at this point. I definitely need to be in the right frame of mind to do it…so I will wait and do it when the timing is right. No worries.


Add On To-Dos

  • Declutter my command central binder. This is crazy but true: my kids start school two weeks from Wednesday! In preparation, I cleaned out our home reference binder to create space for the new papers that will be coming home from school very soon. 
  • List new workshop for sale! Hooray! Want to know what it is? Here you go...



So that’s my check in! How was your weekend? Thanks for sharing your updates and thanks for your support about my challenging situation. I really appreciate it. And thank you for joining me for Finish It Friday. It definitely helps keep me motivated and focused on having fun while getting things done over the weekends. I hope you have a great week! 


P.S. One more thing for my scrapbooking buddies. Lain has put together a special offer on my two True Scrap Videos. If you were kicking yourself for not getting in on Trues Scrap I or True Scrap II's your chance to get in on my classes (for a really great price!). Click here to view more details.


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Dottie K

Birthday party for my nephew-Had so much fun and the food was delicious
Read - finished 3 books

Bank/Library - Just did before I posted my list
Grocery store - Hubby did - Done
Wash -Done
Clean House - Kitchen done and picked up the rest of the house so we're going to do cleaning tonight since I'm having a friend over on Thursday
Iron - Done
Pay bills - Done
Submit insurance paperwork - Done
Balance Checkbook - Done
Make pasta salad, brownies and cookies for party tomorrow - Done

I even got myself up early today and went and finished some things that have been pending on my to-do-list and treated myself to a manicure. I'm just tickeled to have them done and it took a lot less time then doing them on the weekend. Monday morning is the way to go for errands. Have a great week everyone!


*Family movie/pizza night - CHECK!
*Check out camping spots CHECK (and it was a lot of fun)!
*Scrapbooking - unfortunately, no :(

*Plan Bible class curriculum for next 1-2 years - CHECK!
*Prep for/teach Bible class - CHECK!
*Homeschool grading - CHECK!
*Work on DS's transcript - CHECK (big relief)!
*Work with DS to submit online college application (early admission/dual credit) - CHECK!
*Set up printer at Mom's house (this has been lingering for 2 weeks - really need to get it done!) - CHECK!
*Post picture to S101 Goals gallery (also lingering from last week) - no


Oops, missed Monday morning but better late than never!

- movie with my daughter (nope - she didn't want to go after all)
- BBQ with some friends (nope - they ended up going away for the weekend)
Lots of other fun stuff was done though.

To Do:
- Laundry folded and put away (half check! all folded but not totally put away)
- Kitchen cleaned CHECK!
- Kid's old school papers sorted/recycled and put away (half Check! kept finding more and more - done now by Tues though!)
- Sand old shelves as prep for new coat of paint (nope, didn't get near them)


thanks for checking in Dottie, Lycia and Catherine! Sounds like you had nice, productive weekends. :) See you again on Friday!
~ Aby


good weekend overall :)

Question on the HOME central binder...what is it and how does it help you stay in control of the school mountain that is about to start ?? LOL


Thanks for your question Julie. Here's a link to where you can download a copy of my free mini guide with step-by-step instructions for setting up a home reference binder. I use mine for papers that we will likely refer to throughout the year such as teacher policies, schedules, etc. So that is how it helps me stay on top of the school paper. I also use mine for other frequently accessed paper such as carryout menus, business cards and other phone directories, the YMCA schedule, etc.



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