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July 02, 2012

Monday Morning Check-In

Happy Monday! How was your weekend? I hope you had a fun and productive weekend! Around here it was hot, as expected, but we had a nice weekend despite the heat. Here’s how it all come together…




  • Bootcamp. Check! For some reason, it was incredibly hard this week. I’m still feeling it.
  • Visit with my niece and nephews. Check! And it was a great time. Yesterday was my nephew’s birthday. His family is here, visiting from out of town, so we thought it would be fun to do some sort of outdoor, water-related birthday gift. I saw this sponge ball project on Pinterest and thought it would be a fun project and an even more fun gift. But…we had a tough time finding plain, rectangular sponges. A lot of sponges these days have those rough sides for scrubbing pots and pans, which didn’t seem like a good idea when creating sponge balls for kids to throw at one another. the second store we found some small foam balls from Poof – and they were perfect for what we had in mind. A nice little water ball fight in July. The kids had a great time…and we were all pretty well soaked by the end of the evening. A perfect way to end a hot summer day! If you're looking for a fun, water game for the kids this summer...I highly recommend this. 





  • Catch up on laundry. Check!
  • Clean the house. Check! I tried this shower cleaning concoction I found on Pinterest. This stuff totally messed me up! Mixing vinegar with Dawn dish soap and then spraying it created a very strong smelling fume that made my lungs very unhappy…and it gave me a headache. So…I had to open the window in the bathroom (and it was over 100 degrees outside) just to survive getting the stuff off the shower walls. The good news is that this stuff worked quite well to get a bunch of hard water induced yuckiness off my shower walls. (There is another pin that uses the same ingredients but says to put the stuff in a squeeze bottle. I think that's the way to go.) Oh, and by the way…the rest of the house cleaning went off without a hitch. ;)
  • Do some simplify 101 stuff. Nope…but that’s what today is for. Right? ;)


How was your weekend? I hope you had a great one! Thanks, as always, for joining me for Finish It Friday. I hope it gave you that extra boost of motivation you needed to get some stuff done...and have some fun, too. See you back here on Friday for another round of Finish It Friday!



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Sorry, I jumped the gun a little & first posted this in the comments for Friday. Thanks for making our check-in a separate blog entry.

*Family movie/pizza night - CHECK!
*Start reading library book (fiction) - CHECK (and it's very good)!

*Help Mom with bulletin boards at church - CHECK!
*Plan new unit for toddler Bible class - CHECK!
*Change bedding - CHECK!
*Laundry - CHECK!
*Finish cleaning out pantry - not finished, but continuing to make progress
*Try out pan organizer - CHECK!
*Bookkeeping - no, but will be working on it today
*Monthly calendar (July) - CHECK!
*Clear tickler file - no
*Grade reports to insurance co - CHECK!
*Schedule hair color for next few months - CHECK!


un: Watching my granddaughter for the weekend...CHECK and we had lots of fun but I am exhausted!
and we got invited to Yankee Stadium yesterday to see the Old timer's game.. lots of fun but put a kink in my plans
To Do:
Quick vacumn of the pool HALF DONE
weekly housework DONE
plan menu for July 4th STARTED
figure out how to work my new phone Figured out some of it
sweep the patio and walkways NOPE

...but I'm off tomorrow so I'll catchup on getting ready for the 4th

Happy Canada Day to those celebrating.. and Happy 4th to those in the US



Clean master bath - No, top of my list for Tues
Laundry - DONE
Change bed linens - DONE
Vacuum - DONE
Dusting - DONE

My mom is here for the weekend so enjoying time with her! - Great time was had by all!
Sunday am run - DONE
Reading - Some, but not enough!
Help my oldest with organizing his baseball card collection - YES, he is almost finished. Now if he can keep them organized....
See Brave - FUN! We all loved it!

Dottie K

Hi Everyone, Well we had bad storms and no electric until last night since Friday night. So not much got done and I had to cancel our 4th party because we weren't suppose to get electric until late tonight. We were lucky they got to us sooner because of a down wire across our street.

Fun: Read - Finished a few books
Cookout Saturday with friends - Had so much fun!

Pay Bills - Done
Bank/Library - Done
Balance Checkbook - Done
Target/WalMart - Done
Grocery Store - No
Dollar Store - Done
Clean Entire House - No
Clean Garage - No
Make cookies and brownie torte for Saturday
Cookout - Done
Menu Plan for July 4th - Done but Cancelled

What a hot couple of days. Playing catch up now that we have power. Hope everyone has a great 4th of July.

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