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August 10, 2012

It's Friday...

...which means it's time for some to-do list sharing. My to-do list is very short this weekend, as I'm at home spending time with my Dad. So I have just one thing on my list:  savor every minute with my Dad, talking, reminiscing, and still (believe it or not) laughing. He truly is one special guy. 


I hope you will share your fun and done lists for the weekend in the comments. And do me a favor, if you would. Make sure one of the items on your fun list involves appreciating, enjoying and really being with the special people in your life. You won't regret it. I promise.


Have a great weekend my friends. 



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Dottie K

Aby, I hope you have a wonderful weekend with your Dad.

Appt. with Interior Decorator that is free-so that makes it fun

To Do:
Wash - it's caught up but I'm sure by the weekend there will be more

Kept the weekend open pretty much so who knows what we'll get into. Hope everyone has a great weekend.


The people in our lives are truly the most important thing! It's too bad we get side tracked a little too often and take the time we have for granted. I'm sorry about your dad and I hope you both have a wonderful weekend together. I'll be spending some time with family as well. I'm not putting anything on my to-do list this weekend as we'll be out of town. Which means next weekend is going to be C.R.A.Z.Y!!! Enjoy your weekend!



day out for the family at the Olypic Games tomorrow. planning on being a tourist and taking the river taxi for a fresh view of my home town

to do:
laundry laundry laundry (plus ironing and putting away)

have a serious chat about serious stuff with someone important


I hope you have a great weekend with your dad, and thank you for all you do on your blog. Thinking of you!


This is great advice, Aby. Hope you have a very special time with your dad.

*Family movie/pizza night (unfortunately DH is still out of town)
*Enjoy visit from DS & girlfriend as they pass through town on their way to California
*Project Life (keeping my fingers crossed on this one!)
*Make lists for next week's camping trip

*Clean house/declutter in anticipation of son's visit
*Bible class prep/teaching
*Pay bills
*4H volunteer work
*Organize 1 homeschooling notebook
*Set up new EHD for time machine


I hope your weekend with your Dad was nice and you had some laughs and hugs!



I'm so sorry to hear that your father passed away, but know you were blessed to be there with him.

All I'm going to say about my weekend is that it was a good one, filled with lots of family & fun.

Thanks for the reminder about what is truly important.


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