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August 03, 2012

Let’s Get Organized for the Weekend

(Back to our regularly scheduled program…)

It’s time for Finish It Friday. It’s time to get ourselves organized and prioritized for a fun and productive weekend. What’s on your to-do list this weekend? Here’s what’s on tap for me:


  • Boot camp. I have to tell you, this is soooo therapeutic for me right now. I love boot camp. :)
  • Watch the Olympics.


  • Get ready for back-to-school. Yikes! I still have quite a bit to do. (This back-to-school checklist will definitely come in handy!)
  • Laundry.
  • Clean.
  • Plan meals for the week ahead.


That’s all I have planned so far. But I’ll let you know what else made the list on Monday. I hope you have a great weekend! Thanks for joining me for another Finish It Friday.



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I am at a homeschooling conference with my family this weekend so my only plans are to spend time with them, see some old friends, enjoy a little shopping and rejuvenate a bit for the coming school year.

And, oh yes, visit The Container Store ;)

Dottie K

It's August already!

Get a snowball or ice cream
No cooking tonight - pizza ???

Grocery store
Straighten up the house

Low key weekend! We cleaned the other night since I was having a friend over yesterday so it's nice not having to clean the house this weekend. Hope everyone has a productive weekend!



ditto on watch the Olympic Games ... so many great athelets from so many places. love it

tea party with work colleagues old and current tomorrow

hug hubby

ironing (I'm doing it whilst watching the's very slow progress as I pause a lot LOL)

make pack lunch and supper for little one for trip to tea party

continue to sort and edit creative stuff (the builders are finally out of the house and I can really start to move things around ~ yippee)


I just got back from a month out of state visiting my family. My girls were so glad to see their toys they completely destroyed the downstairs :P

~Do some cross stitching
~Watch TV

~Finish straightening up downstairs
~Take some things to storage
~Work on new daily schedules & routines

non geographic numbers

As a working mom I spend my weekend as usual. I'll be with my family. Sometimes we do general cleaning of our house and help my kid's on their assignment.

Steven @ Professional organizing services NYC

Well the weekend seems to be really tiredsome for me, as its the only time I get to de-clutter my house.

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