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October 23, 2012

28 Day Challenge: Get Your Home Ready for the Holidays

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28 Day Holiday Challenge
Last year in late October, Jen and I started a 28-day challenge to help us all get our homes ready for the holidays. The idea behind this challenge was to bite-size the process of getting our homes guest-ready before the season officially arrived.


Well, we had so much fun with it last year, and were so happy to have all that stuff out of the way before the holidays began, that we thought it would be fun to do it again. Listed below are the daily challenges along with links to the original blog post. Please note that we rearranged some of the challenges so that we weren't doing things like putting away Halloween decorations before Halloween. ;) So if you click on a link the day numbers don't correspond, that's what's going on. 


We also put together a printable with all of the challenges listed on it. You can print that out and do the challenges in any order that suits you. Just think, with a little bit of effort every day for the next 28 days, we can get our homes ready ahead of time and enjoy the holidays even more.

Get Your Home Ready for the Holidays 28 Day Challenge

Download 28 Day Challenge Printable You will need Adobe Reader to open this file.  


So what do you say—are you in this year? Let us know in the comments, and then, be sure to check back throughout the challenge to keep us posted on your progress! Good luck!


Day 1:  Decide to Join and Collect Your Supplies

Day 2:  Create a List of Trouble Spots

Day 3:  Focus on Surface Decluttering for At Least 15 Minutes Today

Day 4:  Dust Cobwebs and Clean Cold Air Returns

Day 5:  Declutter Magazines and Catalogs

Day 6:  Clean the Oven and Cook Top

Day 7:  Wash Light Fixtures and Lampshades

Day 8:  Clean Behind Your Stove and Refrigerator

Day 9:  Clean and Organize Your Fridge and Freezer

Day 10:  Clean the Trash Cans and Recycling Containers

Day 11:  Declutter Your Food Storage Containers

Day 12:  Declutter Your Halloween or Other Holiday Decorations

Day 13:  Wash the Windows

Day 14:  Dust Clocks, Smoke Detectors and Carbon Monoxide Detectors

Day 15:  Declutter Disposable Party Supply Goods

Day 16:  Declutter the Guest Room

Day 17:  Deep Clean Floors

Day 18:  Clean Baseboards

Day 19:  Declutter the Family Room

Day 20:  Declutter and Organize Board Games

Day 21:  Declutter Paper

Day 22:  Set Up a Holiday Card Mini Zone

Day 23:  You Choose

Day 24:  Set Up a Quick-Clean Mini Zone in the Guest Bathroom

Day 25:  Declutter Kids’ Spaces (or Your Own “Fun” Space) 

Day 26: Declutter the Coat Closet 

Day 27: Sweep Your Entryway 

Day 28:  Declutter and Organize Your Reusable Shopping Bags


Happy Organizing!


Get Organized for the Holidays Online Workshop


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I am in!! This is exactly what I need....


Not sure I'll be able to keep up but looking forward to the challenge.


Interesting Idea. All of them may not be applicable to me in my situation... but I'll be interested in following along and seeing how things go.


Oh, I am ininin - last year, I couldn't complete all the tasks and this year will be similar, but it's a great motivation and there are good ideas!


I'm in - didn't do it last year, but am hopeful this one ;)


I'm in. One of things that I love about late October - early November is the optimism that this is the year that I will get everything done in time for the holidays; that is until the reality of mid December hits with a limited number of days left to get it all done. Part of the challenge is to keep the inspiration, or is that distraction of Pinterest in check.


Loved this last year and will definitely be doing it again this year. :)


I'm in! I left this unfinished last year but now I'm ready to take this 'challenge' again. I think our home needs this.


I loved this last year...and in fact I used part of the list again for spring cleaning in April this year. I'm in...especially as I may decide not to do holiday101 due to busy life right now


Great to have you all on board with this challenge! How is it going for everyone?

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