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October 05, 2012

Let’s Organize Our Weekend Plans

Hello and happy Finish It Friday to you! I hope you had a terrific week. Are you ready to organize your plans for the weekend? Here’s my list.


  • Boot camp.
  • Go out with Jay. Dinner? Drinks? Movie? Not sure yet…
  • Knit.




  • Take the kids shopping. It’s time to get some new clothes…that fit!
  • Organizing project. I’m working on a team organizing project this weekend. It will be fun…but will definitely fill a good portion of my weekend bucket, which is why there isn't much else on my list this weekend. :)
  • Send thank you notes.
  • Plan meals for the week and shop.
  • Laundry. It's in pretty good shape at the I'll just need to do a load or two. 


I think that's it. As of the moment it's a cool, rainy Friday morning. It feels like a good weekend to get some stuff done. :) Hope you have a great weekend!



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Dottie K

Search for new Christmas Tree

To Do:
Clean House
Install New Lights (Hubby)
Grocery Shop

Don't have any plans for this weekend so hopefully I can some things done around the house and then just relax. Have a great weeekend!


The last few weeks/weekends have been busy, busy, busy, so I'm planning on taking time to relax this weekend and recharge!

*Watch my son referee some soccer games
*Project Life
*Project Real Life
*Tackle at least one nagging organizational project

*Prepare for/teach Bible class
*Prepare communion
*Work on financial backlog
*Lesson plans
*Weekly planning
*Update kitchen calendar


* Clean bathroom
* Laundry
* Gym
* Financial paperwork
* Change nail polish
* Start new knitting project
* Update ipod with new audiobook
* Visit Oliver (a friend's cat - they're gone for the weekend)



*Laundry ~ stay caught up
*Change bed linens
*Clean kids' bathroom
*Vacuum out my car + hopefully run it through the car wash!
*Grocery list + shopping
*Keep working on my to-do list for our vacation :)
*Haircut for my oldest, he is weeks overdue!


*Soccer Saturday ~ each kiddo has a game and thankfully there is no overlap so I can watch all!
*Football Sunday ~ both of my boys have a game
*Bake cookies or brownies ~ I ran out of time last weekend so hope to make this happen
*Something fun with the kids ~ maybe a movie, frozen yogurt or just time out in the sunshine.

Happy weekending all :)

Jeannine B.


1. Golf Tournament for work.
2. Watch my daughter play soccer.
3. KU Volleyball match.


1. Take cabinet and roofing supplies to Habitat Restore.
2. Clean up laundry and pick up house.
3. Do some freezer cooking.
4. Clean up the front porch to prep for fall decor.
5. Pull out the coats, hats, gloves, etc. to get ready for winter.


* reunion
* visit with an old friend
* Project Life
* Organize around the scrap area
* extra day off Monday so try to relax with the family
* read

* laundry (but just the usual)
* dust
* prep cards for month to send
* exercise
* clear inbox

It's homecoming weekend and we have lots to do so I'm keeping it simple (or trying to)


*Dinner party with friends
*Sit down and watch a movie
*Take a walk outside and enjoy the beautiful fall colors

*Meal plan/grocery shop
*Deep clean master bedroom

Have a great weekend!!


half way through the weekend already and I finally have a chance to post!!!
two first birthday parties ~ second is tomorrow ~ a group one for all our little ones ~ looking forward to it

to do
fruit platter for group 1st birthday party
packing and to do list written up so hubby can read it and help tick things off
tick some of the items off the above lists

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