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October 15, 2012

Monday Check In

Good Monday morning to you! I hope you had a great weekend. Here’s the place to share how your weekend went. Here’s my update:



  • Spend Time with Kailea. We drove to the State Cross Country meet in Normal, Illinois to cheer on Kailea’s teammates. It was five hours of time in the car (some of it pretty nerve wracking due to major rain) followed by a two-hour rain delay for the meet. But, it was worth it. The team did great and it was really inspiring to see the level of commitment all the kids have for running. Very cool.
  • Run 3 Miles. Check! 3-1/2 miles actually. Fun to see the mileage adding up and my distance getting just a bit longer with all this running.
  • Knit. This was an add-on. Funny how when I don’t put it on my list, I feel like doing it.



  • Laundry. Almost a check, just one load to finish up today.
  • Plan weekly meals + grocery shop. Check!
  • Organize and edit cross country photos. Check on the organize. I will edit when I decide what to print.
  • Make progress on at least one current project. Well…we got Kailea’s Halloween costume figured out this weekend, so that was good. And I made progress on a knitting project that will be a Christmas gift this year. So…I say: Check!
  • Send some cards. Today is the day. :)


I feel pretty good about the progress this weekend given that we were gone for so much of Saturday. (And the drive up there pretty much drained me!) It was a good weekend. I’m tired this morning, but feel like I had a weekend.


Hope you have a great week! See you back here on Friday. :)



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Dottie K

Thirty One/Scensty Party Friday Night - Fun Night
Read - 3 books completed

To Do:
Grocery Shop - Thanks to hubby
Clean House - Thanks to hubby
Wash - Done
Ironing - Nope

Had great intentions but took a fall Saturday morning and was too sore to do anything over the weekend. Feeling better and tackling some things this morning and it helps that hubby is off on a vacation day today and helping me out again. Aby you got a lot done and great job on the run. Hopefully next weekend will be better. I might even try and get things done by Friday so we can just have a relaxing weekend. Have a great week everyone.


Sorry to hear about your fall Dottie! Hope you are feeling better!!


Oh, Dottie, I am so sorry! I do hope you're on the mend :)

Aby, so glad you got to spend some time with Kailea, despite the icky weather. I hate driving in the rain!

We had a good weekend here. My only regret is that I'm not making time for my Project Life and am WAY behind. Was good to get a nap on Sunday afternoon, though ;)

*Family movie/pizza night - CHECK!
*Watch son ref soccer games - CHECK!
*Project Life - no
*Project Real Life - no

*4H volunteer work on Saturday - CHECK!
*Keep plowing through bookkeeping backlog - CHECK!
*Lesson plans - CHECK!
*Prep for/teach Bible class - CHECK!
*Communion preparation - CHECK!
*Mail out directories for homeschool group - CHECK!


Thanks, Lycia! Sounds like you had a productive weekend and I'm glad to hear you got a nap in! I love naps. :)
~ Aby

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