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October 10, 2012

Professional Organizing Services in St. Louis

Did you know that I offer in-home professional organizing services in the St. Louis area?




Well…you’re in good company. Last summer I got a phone call from a prospective client who said “Do you still do in-home organizing services?”


“Yes, I do” I said, wondering why she was asking. We talked about my service offerings and decided my services were a good fit for her project and goals—so we booked a session.




As soon as I hung up the phone, I went straight to to take a look at the site through the eyes of prospective client. My conclusion? It was no wonder she wasn’t sure if I did services anymore! As we added new service offerings to our site—such as online workshops—the in-home services got a bit overshadowed on the site. It really wasn’t clear at all that I still do this! But here's the real irony:  I created my online workshops based on my experiences organizing with individuals in their homes and through my organizing coaching program. 


ClutterBin-320That client session laid the foundation for a few changes—changes to my website as well as changes to my service offerings. I decided to start offering service packages which will benefit my clients in a number of ways. My in-home service packages now include pdf versions of my online workshops and gift certificates for future online workshops. This means that after a client and I finish up an organizing project, the client will have a comprehensive resource guide to understand at a deeper level the process we used to organize their space. It's like I'll still be there with them even after I leave, which will make it easier to tackle future organizing projects and maintain order. This is a huge obstacle for people when they're thinking about getting organized—the worry that they'll invest time and money in the project and won't be able to keep it that way going forward. (Worry no more.)


Like before, when you work with me one-on-one via my in-home organizing services, I'll spend the time to get to know you and figure out what works for you. We'll also get to the root cause of your organizing challenges, and implement storage solutions and customized organizing systems that will make it easy to stay on top of things going forward. You'll get your projects done faster than you ever imagined possible, and we just might have some fun along the way, too. ;)


Follow this link to learn more about my St. Louis professional organizing services. (Or if you're outside of St. Louis, you can learn about my organizing coaching services.)



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