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November 19, 2012

Happy Monday to you! How was your weekend? Here's my update:



  • Run (3-1/2 miles) and roughly map out the rest of the month. Check and check!
  • Knit. Check!
  • Read. Check!



  • Holiday planning + make shopping / gift lists. Check and progress made but not a full check.
  • Laundry. Check!
  • Work on a simplify 101 project. For at least four hours on Saturday and/or Sunday. Check!
  • Menu plan + grocery shop. Check!
  • Clean the house! This was an add-on, but I want credit, so…check! ;)


All in all it was a good weekend. How about you? Thanks to each of you who joined me this week and giving me the extra motivation to have some fun and get things done. :)



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Nice work, Aby!

*Shopping trip with mom, daughter and grandson - CHECK!
*Family movie/pizza night - CHECK!
*Take at least one walk outdoors - CHECK!

*Pay bills - a partial "check" (still need to enter some items in my check register that are automatically drafted)
*Plan/prep Bible lesson - CHECK!
*Homeschool grading/planning - CHECK!
*4-H volunteer work - CHECK!
*Holiday planning - we discussed our Thanksgiving plans and decided on one Christmas gift, so I'll say CHECK!
*Grocery shopping - no, but we re-organized the upright freezer and discovered that I really need to cook from what's on hand, so I don't have very much shopping to do for Thanksgiving.

My "add-on" was a movie/dinner date with my husband on Saturday night. It was good to get out together for a little while and since we had to leave early in the afternoon, it kept me focused with what needed to get done on Saturday morning.

Hope everyone else had a good weekend and for those who celebrate the holiday, Happy Thanksgiving!


great job everyone!

my more fun:

* scrapbook ~ anyway and anyhow ~ get either december daily blank pages ready or work on a mini album ~ done on Sunday night...worked on mini album

* grandparents day on Sunday ~ make it fun for them and DD ~ check. take a ball to the park, simple as that :)

my more done:

* I'm on a marathon laundry catch up after three days of sickness in the that is number one ~ still going as more sickness today

* along with ironing ready for DH's trip next week ~ done, but that leaves the mountain of ironing just for us

and that's it...keeping it mega simple this weekend as after caring for the ill I really want some down time too. sadly now I'm ill :(


* Take MIL to appt and grocery shop - check
* bake a few meals ahead - check (5!)
* Laundry - check
* Balance checkbook - today so check
* organize Christmas lists - not yet
* Update calendar - check
* Catch up on 28 day challenge - check
* Organize something - check
* Scrap something - anything!!! - nope!!
* Read - check
* Movie night at home - check
* shop with the boy - though I'm not sure which list that goes on ;) - check and it was meant for my FUN list - we had a blast!!


Successful weekend!!!

*Pay bills - done!
*Laundry - 1 load left
*Clean - done!

*Have family over for football game. - Done!
*Extended family Thanksgiving dinner. - Done!
*Plan my table setting for work Thanksgiving dinner contest. - Done!



*laundry - DONE
*vacuum - DONE
*clean bathrooms - DONE
*change out bed linens - DONE
*continue to work on Christmas shopping, idea list,etc - DONE, made some great progress
*vacuum out my car - never got to this last weekend :( - DONE!
*buy a birthday present - DONE
*pay a couple of bills - DONE
*finalize Thanksgiving travel plans - DONE, just need to pack


*movie night - FUN
*birthday party for my DD to attend on Saturday - FUN, rollerskating :)
*Target run - DONE
*Sunday am run or workout - Skipped it to read
*read in my book - YES!
*library to pick up holds - Picked them up Monday, ran out of time on Sat.

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