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November 26, 2012

Happy Monday!

Happy Monday to you. I hope you had a really nice weekend. Ours wasn't normal for Thanksgiving weekend...but it was okay, kind of quiet and slow. I didn't mention this on Friday (it seems I was in a hurry because I didn't even mention laundry or meal planning on my to-do list!) but Kailea woke up Thanksgiving morning with a really high fever. She didn't feel well all weekend...which kind of changed up the normal rhythm of Thanksgiving holiday decorating, no birthday planning, etc. Thankfully she is doing better now...and I'm not at all concerned that the other stuff didn't get done. I'm very relaxed about the holidays this year. It'll get done in time. :)


So here's how the rest of the weekend turned out.  



  • Run. I ran 4 miles on Saturday and 6.4 miles on Sunday. Sunday's run helped me achieve two goals. The first goal was to run a 10K in 2012. Originally, I had intended to run in an organized 10K...but as you know this year didn't exactly go as planned. So, instead, I decided to run my own little 10K yesterday. The spirit of the goal was to be able to run that distance without stopping...and so that is done! Feels good. This run also put me at 100 miles total for October and November...which checks a second goal off the list. (Now...I need to figure out a goal for December.) 
  • Knit. Check!


  • Black Friday shopping online. Check!
  • Holiday planning. The main thing I wanted to figure out this weekend was Kailea's birthday plans. To give you an idea as to how bad she felt—she didn't even want to talk about her birthday. Poor kid. (To say it was a quiet weekend is an understatement.) So...we'll figure out what she wants to do for her birthday this week.
  • Work on a simplify 101 project. Check! Lots more than four hours. :)
  • Clean house. Check! (This is an add-on, but I want credit.)
  • Laundry. Check! (Ditto.)
  • Plan meals for the week. Check! (Ditto!)


How was your weekend? Hope it was great. :)



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Oh my! I am so sorry to hear that Kailea was sick. Glad she's feeling better and is hopefully ready to plan her celebration :)

Also, congratulations on running your own private 10K. That is awesome!!!

*Spend time with family - CHECK!
*Take a walk outdoors at least 2x - I got one in :)

*Start Christmas shopping. For the first time ever we went out on Thanksgiving night (at the urging of our children) and managed to grab a couple of good bargains. Any other shopping this weekend will be done online. - CHECK! Managed to get several things purchased.
*Get Christmas planning notebook in order - no :(
*Pay bills - no. Technically, I just need to make some entries in my checkbook, but still haven't done it :(
*Design Christmas card & place order - BIG CHECK!
*Plan/prep for Bible class - CHECK!
*Plan for next week, which includes a shopping trip with my Mom and an overnight stay in a hotel - CHECK!
*Sort through some paperwork - no

Our add-ons:
*Purchase new Christmas tree - HUGE CHECK! Our old one was purchased 29 years ago and was still in good shape, but getting rather tired. We've talked about replacing it for the last couple of years, but I hate shopping for stuff like this.
*Decorate house for Christmas - CHECK! All that's left is to hang the stockings.

Now, if I could just adopt your relaxed attitude about the rest of my list, Aby! ;)


Aby so sorry to hear Kailea was sick, but am glad that your thanksgiving was with the most important people.

more done:
- bake mincepies for tea party ~ CHECK AND ALL EATEN TOO
- start to edit through the paper mountain that has grown in my dining room ~ CHECK
- do a little more towards creating my craft space ~ SADLY NOT DONE

more fun:
- take little one to gym class instead of sick hubby ~ CHECK WE HAD A GREAT GIRLY TIME
- tea party with local mums for our babies turning one and their second christmas ~ CHECK
- work on my december daily album ~ CHECK


Well done Lycia and Hannah! :)

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