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November 30, 2012

Hello Friday…

Are you back again already? Indeed you are…as hard to believe as it is. Around here it’s been a busy week. We are working like crazy on some exciting projects, but those are leaving little time for much else, like blogging, for example. I am soooo excited to share what we’ve been working on…just as soon as it is ready. And I’m soooo excited to get back to some regular blogging, just as soon as some of these other things are off my plate. Thanks for hanging in there with me during this blogging lull.


Are you up for some weekend to-do list sharing? Here’s my list:



  • Boot camp. I haven’t run since I hit the 100 mile mark. Part of this was due to the busy weeknight schedule we had this week…but the other part is that I want to start going to boot camp again. I've yet to figure out the right mix of the two, but tomorrow I will start figuring it out.
  • Basketball game.
  • Set December fitness goal. This will be some combination of running and boot camp.



  • Laundry.
  • Plan meals for the week.
  • Holiday preparation. Maybe decorate? We’ll see. If I have an eager helper (or two) I may do this…and if not, it can wait.
  • Make progress on a simplify 101 project. Four hours of progress minimum.
  • Get a birthday gift for my sister.
  • Return socks. (The ones that came home from the store with the security thingies still attached, so I had to go to another store to buy socks without security thingies attached so these important socks could be given to Collin in time for his birthday. It will be interesting to see if the alarm sounds on my way into the store…even though it didn’t on my way out!)


Alright…that sounds like enough fun for one girl for one weekend! Wish me luck.


Have a great weekend!



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LOL about the socks Aby. good luck :)

more done
wow there is so much to catch up on after another bout of sickness it the house. but to keep it simple...
1. quick photo print purchase
2. finish sorting photos from last order
3. laundry
4. ironing

more fun:
1. all the grandparents here tomorrow
2. start my December Daily album with taking a photo or two and writing intro
3. movie with hubby


Hannah - so sorry that you're battling sickness at your house. Hope everyone is better very, very soon!

Can't wait to hear about the "sock return", Aby :)

I'm currently away from home, Christmas shopping with my mom. It's been a tiring couple of days but I'm glad we've had the chance to spend some time together.

*Hear DS play in Christmas concert
*DH's bday celebration
*Spend time with family

*Christmas shopping...Christmas shopping...more Christmas shopping
*Bake cake, cook dinner, wrap gift for party
*Prep for Bible class
*Weekly planning

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