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November 12, 2012

Monday Check In

Happy Monday my friends! How was your weekend? I hope it was filled with lots of fun and some getting things done. Mine was a nice mix. Here’s the update:



  • Run. My goal was 6-1/2 miles for the weekend…but I ran 8! Hooray.
  • Girls Night In and Wine Night. Check! Both were lots of fun and relaxing, too. Just right.
  • Knit. Check!
  • Take photos for 30 Days of Gratitude. Not yet. On the list for this week.



  • Baby Shower. Check!
  • Pick up bagels for baby shower. Check!
  • Wrap a birthday gift. Kailea wanted to do this. So that was an easy check! :)
  • Plan weekly meals and shop. Check!
  • Laundry. A check for progress.
  • Make progress on 28 day challenge. Check! This was the big one. After the baby shower (and before wine night) on Saturday I washed the windows inside and out. I love it when that is done.


It was a nice weekend. I hope your was, too. Let me know all about it in the comments.



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I did pretty good this weekend even though I spent most of Sunday in bed. But boy was it an exhausting Saturday!

-Grocery shopping. A lot this week but I got a lot of other errands done on the same go. Good since I really don't like shops.
-Baking. A lot to do for DS birthday on Tuesday. Got four different batches of cookies and some muffins done so I'm set. Think I will order the cake from the bakery though.
-Gift wrapping. For christmas this time. Got all of the gifts that are bought done!
-Christmas planning. At least get a bit on the way with this. I got far! My lists are done and my weekly plan so so far so good :)
- Taizé Mass in church on Sunday and singing practice before that. That didn't happen since I was ill. Really a pity since I had looked forward to it.
- Knitting. I haven't had time to finish my hat this week as I thought so I want to get it done. It is done! And I started a new project today, a scarf this time :)
- Watching Downton Abbey. Saw the last episode on Saturday night and can't wait until the new series!
-Read. As always, it is my addiction. Spent a lot of time Sunday reading in bed when I didn't sleep.


*Family movie/pizza night - DONE!
*Set up another recipe binder (for tried & true recipes) - no
*Catch up in Holiday class - no, but I did post in the Goals class (after a 3 week absence)
*Project Life & P365 - photos taken but no scrapbooking

*Clean storage building. We won't get it completely done, but can probably make some serious progress. - DONE! (Getting this done makes up for anything else I lacked doing this weekend!!!)
*Continue progress on bookkeeping backlog (Aby, if you offer a class in this area, I'll be one of the first to sign up.) - DONE!
*Prep for/teach Bible class - DONE!
*Weekly planning - DONE!
*Check homeschool work & prepare lesson plans for next week - DONE!
*4H work (emails, write checks, etc) - no

As a bonus, my youngest son & I volunteered with our local food bank on Saturday, distributing Thanksgiving boxes :)


A busy week led to a busy weekend so my list is more unchecked than checked

more fun
- professional photo shoot to get some family portraits ~ BIG CHECK AND IT WAS SOOOO MUCH FUN
- enjoy the fall ~ get outdoors in the sunshine ~ SADLY NO :(
- start making December Daily album blank pages ~ ANOTHER NO ~ WANTED TO WORK ON IT TONIGHT BUT RAN OUT OF TIME
- look at assembling tools to try my hand at embroidery stitching ~ CHECK AND NOW I HAVE A SHOPPING LIST

more done
- clean light fittings (28 day challenge)~ NOT YET, FOR THIS WEEK
- bulk photo print order ~ DONE, TOOK A LOT MORE TIME THAN I PLANNED
- linen laundry ~ HALF DONE, STILL GOING TODAY
- pick up yet more leaves! ~ NOT DONE, WEATHER INTERUPTED US


To do:
*Write thank yous - Not done
*Put away items from party - Most of it is done
*Meal plan/grocery shop - DONE
*yardwork - DONE
*clean - Most of it was completed

*Watch a movie with the hubby - DONE
*Take a walk outside - DONE
*Go to craft fair - DONE

Have a great weekend everyone!


Night at the Races Date Night with hubby :)
Scrap something :( never got to this one
Read :)
Pick up and return friend of DS#2 :)
Visit with niece and great nephew :) :)

Pick up free weight bench :)
take down MIL's computer :)
Rearrange now empty space where that was :) :)
Dust/Mop/Vacuum :) :) 2 out of 3 ;)
Sheets and laundry :)
Cook dinner :)
Dr appt :)
Cook more dinner ;) and maybe some lunch too :) :)
Very productive yet short weekend.


Realized a bit ago I never did come back to check off my list! Better late than never, right?!


*laundry -DONE
*vacuum - upstairs and down - DONE
*vacuum out my car - Not done
*clean bathrooms - DONE
*dusting - DONE
*clean kitchen - DONE
*change bed linens - DONE
*clean up email in-box - DONE
*work on Christmas shopping + gift ideas - sorta
*sweep front porch - DONE
*decide what to bake for 2 PTA events next week - DONE


*last soccer game for my youngest - FUN!
*soccer team party for my youngest - FUN!
*birthday present to buy - DONE
*reading - DONE, finished my book :)
*something fun as a family on Sunday afternoon - FUN, had a great family lunch out!
*watch a movie or two from our library holds - Watched one of our movies
*attend a friend's surprise 40th birthday dinner - Had to miss this as my husband got home from work way late. Oh well, it happens...

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