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November 16, 2012

Tips to Organize Your Weekend To-Do List

Hello friends, it's time for the weekly tradition called "Finish It Friday." That's right, it's time to organize your weekend to-do list. This week...I'm including a few tips, for new readers, and as a reminder for those of you who have been joining me in Finish It Friday for a while now. Hope you enjoy!


Tip #1: Make it fun.  For optimal results, include stuff you need to get done, and things you'll do for fun on your weekend to-do list. The weekend is a terrific opportunity to make progress on projects, but it's also designed for rest and you're ready to dive back into your weekday life when it rolls around again. sure that the fun stuff is restorative stuff...stuff that makes you feel like you actually had a weekend.


Tip #2: Make it doable. Pull out your calendar when you plan your to-do list. This will help you get a feel for how much you realistically can get done. I usually estimate (in my mind) how much time things will take, so I can get a feel for how much I can put on my to-do list. Sometimes priorities change and you can't get it all done, and that's okay (and nothing to beat yourself up about!) The main idea is that you get more done (and have more fun) when you plan your to-do list ahead of time.


Tip #3: Stay motivated. You'll have more fun and get more done...when you participate in Finish It Friday. I'm amazed at how much this still motivates me to get things done! I make it a point (when possible) to include at least one thing on my list that I really need to do...but might be able to talk myself out of if I didn't add it to my list. If you want to put a little extra fire and motivation on your to-do list this weekend, join us for Finish It Friday.  


Alright...let's share our lists! Here's mine:


  • Run (3-1/2 miles) and roughly map out the rest of the month. I have just over 20 miles to go for the month. 
  • Knit.
  • Read.



  • Holiday planning + make shopping / gift lists.
  • Laundry.
  • Work on a simplify 101 project. For at least four hours on Saturday and/or Sunday.
  • Menu plan + grocery shop. Need to do this early and beat the Thanksgiving rush! 


Alright...that's my list. What's on your to-do list this weekend?


Have a great weekend!



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lisa h

I love finish it Friday!

Go see hubby's band tonight and the Monkees tomorrow
Go geocaching

Scrub something. Anything.
Clean off the table. Again.
Take our Christmas photo at the playground


Thanks for the reminders, Aby :)

*Shopping trip with mom, daughter and grandson
*Family movie/pizza night
*Take at least one walk outdoors

*Pay bills
*Plan/prep Bible lesson
*Homeschool grading/planning
*4-H volunteer work
*Holiday planning
*Grocery shopping

Kathy L

I understand the "FUN", but what is "DONE" if this is the To Do list for the weekend?


Hi, Kathy L., Done is stuff to get done this weekend.

~ Aby


Not sure I will get much Done this weekend, but here it goes:
*Pay bills

*Have family over for football game.
*Extended family Thanksgiving dinner.
*Plan my table setting for work Thanksgiving dinner contest.

Have a great weekend everyone!!


Aby ~ thanks for the great tips ~ very welcome, especially make it doable!

my more fun:

* scrapbook ~ anyway and anyhow ~ get either december daily blank pages ready or work on a mini album

* grandparents day on Sunday ~ make it fun for them and DD

my more done:

* I'm on a marathon laundry catch up after three days of sickness in the that is number one

* along with ironing ready for DH's trip next week

and that's it...keeping it mega simple this weekend as after caring for the ill I really want some down time too.

28 day challenge update ~ managed to clean light fittings and do some spider/cobweb my vacuum cleaner for these jobs :)


Daily planning of Christmas preparations
Grocery shopping. Not too bad this week since we are trying a meal bag delivery for the first time next week.

Houseguests- My brother and his fiancee. That is why the done list is so short this week.
Birthday party for DS on Saturday.
Dinnerparty on Saturday.


Thanks for the tips, Aby! I get way more done with the accountability of Finish it Fridays!


*clean bathrooms
*change out bed linens
*continue to work on Christmas shopping, idea list,etc
*vacuum out my car - never got to this last weekend :(
*buy a birthday present
*pay a couple of bills
*finalize Thanksgiving travel plans


*movie night
*birthday party for my DD to attend on Saturday
*Target run
*Sunday am run or workout
*read in my book
*library to pick up holds


I so know what you mean about putting something on your list if you want to be sure it gets done - at least on the work part - not on the fun part for me ;)

* Take MIL to appt and grocery shop
* bake a few meals ahead
* Laundry
* Balance checkbook
* organize Christmas lists
* Update calendar
* Catch up on 28 day challenge
* Organize something

* Scrap something - anything!!!
* Read
* Movie night at home
* shop with the boy - though I'm not sure which list that goes on ;)


Thanx for the tips. It's almost like making it fun is the same as staying motivated!

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