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November 09, 2012

Organizing Your Weekend To-Do List

It’s that time of the week my friends—time to organize your weekend to-do list. Around here we call it Finish It Friday. If you’re new to the blog, the general idea is this. Each Friday you spend a few minutes planning the weekend ahead by focusing on two main areas—fun stuff and get-it-done stuff. If you haven’t participated in Finish It Friday before, you are officially invited to do so today. You’ll be very surprised at the extra motivation you have to get some things done and enjoy the fun stuff, too. So what do you say—are you in?


I am and here is my list:


  • Run. I need to run 6-1/2 more miles this weekend to hit my goal of ten for the week. Yikes!
  • Girls Night In. Friday night.
  • Wine Night. Saturday night.
  • Knit. I started a new scarf last night. I just love knitting this time of year!
  • Take photos for 30 Days of Gratitude.



  • Baby Shower.
  • Pick up bagels for baby shower.
  • Wrap a birthday gift.
  • Plan weekly meals and shop.
  • Laundry. (It’s in good shape at the moment, which is always good news.)
  • Make progress on 28 day challenge.


Alright…I think that’s it (and plenty of it!). I have lots of simplify 101 stuff to wrap up before the weekend officially begins, too, so I better get busy! I hope you have a great weekend…and I hope you’ll join me for this week’s Finish It Friday. If you want in on the fun, simply share your to-do list in the comments, and then, check back in on Monday to let us know how your weekend went. Have a great one!  



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This weekend will be a full one so I better get cracking tonight!

-Grocery shopping. The meal planning i done gratefully.
-Baking. A lot to do for DS birthday on Tuesday.
-Gift wrapping. For christmas this time.
-Christmas planning. At least get a bit on the way with this.

- Taizé Mass in church on Sunday and singing practice before that.
- Knitting. I haven't had time to finish my hat this week as I thought so I want to get it done.
- Watching Downton Abbey. I just have one episode to go. I very rarely watch TV or films but I really like this series.
-Read. As always, it is my addiction.

hannahk it really the weekend again so soon??? wow. been a busy week. I didn't get ahead on my 28 day challenge as planned so that's first on my weekend list.

more fun
- professional photo shoot to get some family portraits
- enjoy the fall ~ get outdoors in the sunshine
- start making December Daily album blank pages
- look at assembling tools to try my hand at embroidery stitching

more done
- clean light fittings (28 day challenge)
- bulk photo print order
- linen laundry
- pick up yet more leaves!

Good luck with your running Aby

Enjoy Downton's always an ending that leaves you wanting the next series to start immediately LOL


Happy to be participating this week! And I echo the sentiments of hannahk & Carolina regarding Downton Abbey. Can't wait for Season 3 to begin here in the US!!!

*Family movie/pizza night
*Set up another recipe binder (for tried & true recipes)
*Catch up in Holiday class
*Project Life & P365

*Clean storage building. We won't get it completely done, but can probably make some serious progress.
*Continue progress on bookkeeping backlog (Aby, if you offer a class in this area, I'll be one of the first to sign up.)
*Prep for/teach Bible class
*Weekly planning
*Check homeschool work & prepare lesson plans for next week
*4H work (emails, write checks, etc)

I'm working hard to get as many things taken care of as possible, in preparation of a busy holiday season. My mind is getting overwhelmed so I appreciate tools like FIF to help me focus.

Have a great & productive weekend everyone!


To do:
*Write thank yous
*Put away items from party
*Meal plan/grocery shop

*Watch a movie with the hubby
*Take a walk outside
*Go to craft fair

Have a great weekend everyone!


Happy Weekend! I can't believe it is already here and a long one to boot as my kids are off school on Monday. Seems like I had too much going on this week so didn't get any cleaning tasks done during the week. :(


*vacuum - upstairs and down
*vacuum out my car
*clean bathrooms
*clean kitchen
*change bed linens
*clean up email in-box
*work on Christmas shopping + gift ideas
*sweep front porch
*decide what to bake for 2 PTA events next week


*last soccer game for my youngest
*soccer team party for my youngest
*birthday present to buy
*something fun as a family on Sunday afternoon
*watch a movie or two from our library holds
*attend a friend's surprise 40th birthday dinner


This weekend has already been a busy one.
Night at the Races Date Night with hubby
Scrap something
Pick up and return friend of DS#2
Visit with niece and great nephew

Pick up free weight bench
take down MIL's computer
Rearrange now empty space where that was
Sheets and laundry
Cook dinner
Dr appt
Cook more dinner ;) and maybe some lunch too


you dont have to wait until January to watch Downton Abbey season 3.

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I need to start prioritizing too, thanks for inspiration!

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