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November 02, 2012

What’s on your to-do list this weekend?

Before I get to the weekend to-do list stuff, I want to send a shout-out to my readers on the east coast. I had been hearing reports of power outages via Facebook...but then I saw photos of how sever the destruction is on the news. I'm floored. My heart is heavy for everyone who has been effected by this storm. I'd love to hear how you're doing. 


As for the weekend to-do list stuff, it seems like Friday arrived way too fast this week. I know this is due to Halloween and out of town visitors happening right smack dab in the middle of the week. Regardless, what this means is that there’s lots to do this weekend to catch up from the midweek break! Totally worth it...but the laundry pile runneth over, for example. Here’s what’s on my to-do list this weekend:



  • Run. I met my 43 mile goal for the month of October. My total mileage was 53.77, which I’m really happy about! Never would have dreamed I would run that far when I started the challenge on October 2nd. I set a new goal of 46.23 miles for the month of November. When I hit that goal I will have run 100 miles in two months! So…I better get busy running this weekend.
  • Take photos for 30 days of gratitude. I've also decided I need some words to go along with the will be doing a bit of writing this weekend, too. 


  • In-home organizing appointment. I have a weekend appointment with a terrific client. (Very much looking forward to this.)
  • Laundry.  There’s a big pile up in the laundry room as I type! Must address this by Sunday.
  • Plan meals + grocery shop.
  • Make progress on 28 day challenge. I’m going out of order…we’ll see what I’m inspired to do. If you’re participating, how are you doing with the challenge?
  • Do some paperwork. 


I’m going to keep my list short this weekend, since the better part of one day is already accounted for. What’s on your to-do list this weekend?


Have a great weekend!



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It's been a while since I participated in this but here I am again!
Unpack from trip we are on right now, we get back on Saturday afternoon.
Meal plan and grocery shop.
Knitting, I'm working on a hat.
Reding, I have a really good book I want to finish.

Short list but I will spend a good part of Saturday on the train from Malmö :-)


I forgot! Have to wrap my son's birhtday presents!


Aby ~ Congrats on your mileage for October! You blew the 43 miles away. :)

I'm ready to get back to Finish it Fridays after vacation and company the following weekend.


*clean bathrooms
*clean kitchen
*change bed linens
*update calendar
*start working on Christmas exchange gifts list
*tackle some of the 28 day challenge
*take down Halloween decorations
*collect money and buy team gifts for soccer coaches
*pay bills


*last day of Soccer Saturday for my oldest two
*soccer team party for my oldest son on Sat afternoon
*birthday party for my nephew
*reading time
*go to the movies on Sunday


Fix missing coat button, check other loose buttons
Mix up bread dough for Tuesday night
Clean bathroom and kitchen clutter
Knitting project: new scarf cast-on
Go to the Roller Derby!


to do:
- rake up leaves and tody up flower beds
- hopefully mow grass too if it stays dry long enough
- do a big online grocery shop (stock up)
- get ready for busy week ahead
- research and hopefully purchase new child car seat

- the gardening above counts as fun ... it's my relaxing treat
- go and see fireworks (guy fawkes night is here in the UK)

28 day challenge ~ I'm also dipping in to this randomly. I've got some big things done like clean the oven and extractor hood. Going to choose easier things for the week ahead as it's a busy one...cobwebs, dusting, booking gas heating service.


Fun to see what you all will be up to this weekend! Have a great one!! ~ Aby

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