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December 07, 2012

Freebie Friday: 2013 NeuYear Calendar

**This giveaway is now closed - thanks to everyone who entered. The winner has been notified.**

Earlier this year, Jesse at contacted us about his awesome wall calendar. I’ve seen a few calendars in my day, so I wondered what made this particular calendar so awesome. So I checked out their website…which says the NeuYear calendar is awesome because...


It's BIG. It shows you the whole year at once. You no longer have to page through a traditional calendar (or on your small computer screen), to see the whole year. You can layout your goals for the year, set future deadlines, and clearly see the passing of time. Also, it has bigger squares so you can write more.


It has NO GAPS. Unlike other calendars, this one has no space between months. The philosophy here is that the week is the currency we think in, so this calendar focuses on presenting 52 weeks, rather than 12 months. This feature helps you plan across months easily, and see clearly the distance/days between any two dates in the year. It will also motivate you to see weeks passing, deadlines approaching and goals accomplished.


It's BEAUTIFUL. It combines functional features with brilliant aesthetics. In Making Ideas Happen, author Scott Belsky says "the design of your productivity tools will affect how eager you are to use them. Attraction often breeds commitment." You'll be eager to use this attractive calendar.


It’s TWO IN ONE. Not only all this, but its 2 calendars in 1! It has a horizontal orientation that fits perfectly above your desk, or you can flip it over for a vertical orientation that fits perfectly on your door.


Now, if you’ve been reading my blog for a while, then you’re probably not at all surprised that after reading about this awesome calendar I was intrigued. After all, I’m a huge fan of beautiful organizing tools, and have been known to say that the more you love an organizing solution, the more likely you are to use it. But even more, as a visual girl (as I know so many of you are) I loved the idea of being able to see an entire year all in one spot…big and on the wall!


NeuYear Calendar 4

This format is terrific for planning future events (we used ours to map out our core workshops for the entire 2013 calendar year!) and it’s also terrific for tracking progress. Imagine tracking your goals on a big ol’ NeuYear calendar? Wouldn’t that be so motivating?



So after giving it a test drive of my own…I decided, yes, this is awesome enough to share with our readers. And so, share we will. Up for grabs is one NeuYear 2013 Calendar of your choice (DryErase or Uncoated). Plus, everyone can take advantage of this sweet 30% off coupon. Just enter the discount code "Simplify101" at checkout. This offer expires Jan. 31, 2013. 


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Alissa W

wait, I think I'm MORE excited that you planned your entire core workshop schedule for the entire year! Will you be sharing this schedule with us so that we can plan better when to take your awesome workshops?


Is there a link to the site so we can check out more pics?

Melinda T

Our family activities!

Andrea Anderson

I didn't know I could be THIS excited about a calendar! Seriously, why has NOBODY thought of this before. I would probably use if for everything EXCEPT meal planning since I have a special calendar for that on the fridge. But doctor appointments, vacations and everything else are fair game.


Oh the dry-erase would be perfect for planning our schedules, activities, events and date nights =-) Love it

Lisa Frey Bowdon

What a wonderful give a way... thank you!

Cassie Banaszak

I plan out storytimes. This would be great for planning library programs!

Karra Clymer

Awesome calendar! Want one.

Susan C

I'd use this to replace the dinky 2 week dry erase calendar we have on our wall to keep track of childcare.


I would use it for planning our family activities.


I am dying to get my hands on one of these but can't get the link or site to work! Any ideas whats going on?

Nita K.

I would use this for keeping all of the family' events together.


I would love to win this calendar. Thanks for the giveaway.


I would use it to plan our family activities.


I love the idea of seeing the whole year in one go. What a great (and simple) idea! I'd use it to plan and dream new schemes.


What a great idea!


oooh I love the colours
I'd use this for my goals ~ taking the workshop for the firs time and am excited about prospect of making and tracking goals


oooh I love the colours
I'd use this for my goals ~ taking the workshop for the firs time and am excited about prospect of making and tracking goals


I am still on the hunt for the perfect calendar to keep track of all of our activities as a family - let's hope this is it!

Heidi M

Great Calendar I would love it for work :)

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