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December 07, 2012

Happy Friday!

Hello friends! I'm doing a short and sweet version of a Finish It Friday post my to-do list is calling to me (very loudly) with all sorts of business to-dos today. So here's my short list for the weekend...

  • Run. 
  • Laundry.
  • Kailea's birthday celebration - finalize all the details and enjoy!
  • Holiday stuff - hopefully get the tree and decorate.
  • Freebie Friday post. (That's right...check back later today for that one. Fun!)

What's on your to-do list this weekend? Thanks for sharing! Have a great weekend. :)


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I like your posting about weekend to do list.
Mine is:
finish breaking down loving boxes
finish decorating for the holidays
rack front yard
clean house
prepare for washer delivery
enjoy my husbands company christmas party

Have a wonderful weekend! I hope that you get all of your to do list completed.


happy birthday Kailea ~ have a super fun time Aby

more done:
christmas parcels and cards ~ get them moving on their merry way
finish laundry
continue sorting paper piles in my dining room

more fun:
a first birthday party ~ enjoy and relax with good friends
movie night with hubby
slot some photos into Project Life album


Happy Birthday to your daughter, Aby! We are having a party for my youngest who turns 5 on Tuesday. :)


*change bed linens
*clean upstairs bathrooms
*vacuum downstairs
*upstairs dusting
*bake + decorate cupcakes for my son's birthday party
*sweep front porch
*finalize the last of the party details
*on-line Christmas shopping
*update calendar


*family pizza + movie night
*birthday party to attend with my youngest
*birthday party for my youngest!
*watch a holiday movie or two
*bake a batch of holiday cookies


Happy Birthday, Kailea!

My list for the weekend:

*Breakfast with Santa (DD & DGS are attending, DS & I are volunteering as part of our 4H work)

*Family movie/pizza night. The plan is to watch a holiday movie of some sort.
*Take a walk outdoors

*Christmas planning
*Online shopping
*Catch up in Holiday forum
*Plan/prep for Bible class
*Address holiday envelopes
*Check homeschool lessons; finish lesson plans for next week
*4H work
*Meal planning/grocery list/shopping
*Weekly planning


I would defintely use it for goals as well as a reminder for birthdays and other special events.

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