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December 10, 2012

Monday Check In

Happy Monday my friends. I hope you all had a terrific weekend. Ours was full — very full. On the upside, we welcomed a new addition to our family. I'm now a great aunt! My great neice was born on Friday afternoon and we had the delight of meeting her on Saturday. She's so sweet and having a new baby in the family is so exciting!  

In less exciting's how I did with my to-do list. 

  • Run. Check! I ran once...which means this week I fell short of my December goal of exercising three times a week. In the early part of the week I was too sore from boot camp. Sad but true. (Note to self...don't take two months off of boot-camp again!) I plan to do more running this week.
  • Laundry. Check, check, check, check, check! Geez there was a ton of it this weekend.
  • Kailea's birthday celebration - finalize all the details and enjoy! Check! Kailea had a great time. Tomorrow is her actual birthday, so this isn't a complete check mark yet. There are still presents to wrap, a cake to bake, and more songs to be sung. 
  • Holiday stuff - hopefully get the tree and decorate. Check and check! This is the first year we've done the tree and the rest of the holiday decorating in one day. This is the last year we will do the tree and the rest of the holiday decorating in one day. Too much! But getting the tree was great fun, and now that the rest is's beginning to feel like Christmas...which actually feels nice. 
  • Freebie Friday post. Check! (Have you entered yet?)

How was your weekend?



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Congratulations on the birth of your new grand-niece!!! And I hope Kailea's actual birthday is full of fun as well :)

*Breakfast with Santa (DD & DGS are attending, DS & I are volunteering as part of our 4H work) - CHECK! It was a great opportunity to serve and lots of fun.

*Family movie/pizza night. The plan is to watch a holiday movie of some sort - CHECK!
*Take a walk outdoors - sadly, no :(

*Christmas planning - some, but there's still more to do
*Online shopping - CHECK!
*Catch up in Holiday forum - no
*Plan/prep for Bible class - CHECK!
*Address holiday envelopes - no
*Bookkeeping - BIG, BIG, BIG CHECK!!!! (all caught up)
*Check homeschool lessons; finish lesson plans for next week - CHECK!
*4H work - no
*Meal planning/grocery list/shopping - no

Now I'm off to the "big city" to do some more shopping. Still lots left to do for the holidays, family birthdays, etc. Thanks for helping me gain focus, Aby!


Oh my ~ great aunt sounds so grand :D ~ wonderful news

more done:
christmas parcels and cards ~ get them moving on their merry way ~ nearly check. parcels and some cards done. rest to do tonight
finish laundry ~ check
continue sorting paper piles in my dining room ~ um not sure I really made progress as cleared some and added some more LOL

more fun:
a first birthday party ~ enjoy and relax with good friends ~ check. wonderful afternoon.
movie night with hubby ~ check, double check as we did it twice
slot some photos into Project Life album ~ check, now have to find another album to fit the rest in


Congrats on your baby niece! How fun to be a great aunt. :) Happy Birthday to your DD! Tuesday is my little guy's birthday as well. Fun times!


*laundry - DONE I did most of it on Friday and did 2 loads Sunday. Think this is my new game plan. :)
*change bed linens - DONE
*clean upstairs bathrooms - DONE
*vacuum downstairs - DONE
*upstairs dusting - Started but not finished
*bake + decorate cupcakes for my son's birthday party - DONE + they were yummy!
*sweep front porch - DONE
*finalize the last of the party details - DONE
*on-line Christmas shopping - DONE, but a bit more to finish up
*update calendar - DONE


*family pizza + movie night - DONE
*birthday party to attend with my youngest - FUN!
*birthday party for my youngest! - FUN, he had a blast with his buddies :)
*reading - DONE, finished another book
*watch a holiday movie or two - FUN!
*bake a batch of holiday cookies - Didn't get to this, hopefully this week

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