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January 09, 2013

13 in 13 Challenge: Set and Achieve 13 Goals in 2013

On January 5th I posted my first official goal for 2013 on my Facebook page, along with my goal to set and achieve 13 goals in 2013. I’ve decided to share my 13 in 13 goal journey via my blog…and you’re invited to join me! Here’s how it’s going to work…  


First, this is opportunity to share what you want out of 2013 so my readers and I can give you encouragement and celebrate with you when you cross each finish line. I plan to blog about this at least once a month and share personal insights, trials and tribulations. This isn’t a class, but it is an opportunity to give your dreams wings. And I think it's going to be a lot of fun, too. 

Second, a goal can be anything you want it to be. I look at goals as vehicles to get you where you want to be faster and with greater certainty. As I’ve shared before, my October and November running goals got me through what might otherwise have been really difficult months. I’ve often said that goals give your life purpose and meaning during turbulent times, and that definitely proved to be true right after my dad passed away.

In my opinion, the very best goals are about something that you really, really want—not something that you think you should want. So if the thought of setting a single goal (let alone 13!) has you a bit nervous…I hope you’ll reconsider. Goals really can be fun. To support this thought, remember that my theme word for 2013 is happy. Here’s something you can bet on:  All of the goals that I set in 2013 will be in support of making 2013 a happy year.  

Third, I’m not going to figure out all of my goals in January. Instead, my plan for 13 in 13 is to introduce one new goal every month. The 13th goal (or perhaps the first goal) is a year-long goal:  to run 500 miles in 2013. Please know that all of my other goals will not be so big. In fact, my January goal is to read “The Happiness Project” by Gretchen Rubin. I thought this would be a terrific way to start off my year of happiness. I invite you to figure out your 13 in 2013 as the year unfolds, too. You can start with one…and then figure this out as you go along.

Fourth, I’m going to capture my 13 in 13 journey in a new (yellow!) SMASH book. Each year I choose a color for the year, one that goes along with my word. For example, the year my word was “grow” my color was green. Yellow felt like the perfect choice for 2013—the happy year.

I’m going to figure out exactly how I will use my SMASH book as I go along. But I know for sure that each goal will have a spot in the book where I will record the date the goal is set, progress reports, and victory photos.  So far, I’ve used the first couple of pages to record 101 dreams…for this year and future years. (Coming up with a really long list of dreams is a terrific way to pick your first goal, by the way.)

So that’s the plan! 13 in 13. I’m really excited to see where this takes me, and I’d love to see where it takes you, too. Want to join me? If so…just say “Yes, I’m in!” in the comments below. And then, come back and share your first goal or goals, as soon as you know where you want to start.

Feel free to join in anytime you feel inspired to do so. January 1 isn’t the only day of the year to set goals or resolutions—any day is a great day to begin creating the life you dream of.

Here's to 13 in 13!



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Yes, I'm in! I've been thinking about goals, but don't have anything too concrete! I love the smash book, I think I have a few I've hoarded that I can use! :)


I'm reading that book this month too! Preparing for LOAD213 with Lain in February. Wanna hop on? only a few spots left!


I'm reading that book this month too! Preparing for LOAD213 with Lain in February. Wanna hop on? only a few spots left! Gonna scrap happier in February!

Cindy H.

I'm in. My first overall goal is to move more each day. My word for 2013 was movement. No more stagnation.


I'm in and I will even blog about it ;) My first goal is to sign up for Weight Watchers. Been debating it for over a month - got a flyer in the mail weeks ago - it worked for me once....... My second goal is to get back to Zumba. I was going twice a week, making it one thing I did for me (even though my son comes often). Like running for you, Zumba is my stress relief. I need to make sure I do it regularly!!


The Happiness Project was one of my all-time FAVORITE books! I just picked up Happier at Home after Christmas and I couldn't put that one down either - I was finished in less than 2 days!

Funnily enough, I had also been contemplating 13 goals for 2013, but my list ended up being a bit longer than that. I'm looking forward to following along on your journey, and maybe even sharing some of my journey too! First goal: to get through the delivery of my baby girl by c-section on Friday! We just found out on Monday that I wouldn't be able to have a natural birth, and I've decided it was an excellent test of my word for 2013 - EMBRACE. Talk about throwing a curve ball at me!


Yes, I'm in! This is word for 2013 is also 'Happy'! Thank you for the inspiration!


I'm in. Still not sure about my goals though. My word for the year is Solutions. Maybe that's where I'll start in trying to figure out my goals.


Awesome! So happy to see all of you joining in! I'm looking forward to the journey. :) Anyone else want to join us? You're more than welcome. :)
~ Aby

Jessica Cornman

Yes, I'm in!! My January goal is to get my home office organized. We recently moved and it's the dumping ground for everything. The color of the walls and carpet are atrocious but I have to remember baby steps and just getting it cleaned out and organized will be be a huge relief!

Monica L

I'm in!!! I've been making goals every year for a few years and writing them down. A few times I forgot all about them and then was suprized to see how many of them I accomplished. I got the idea from a book and I don't remember the title, but this might help those that need some help making goals. Break it down by Family, Business, Life Style, Financial, Physical, Spiritual, Relationship, and Mental. January goal organize kitchen.

Erin Love

Ok! Sounds like a great place to get some encouragement and have accountability! I'm in.

My goal for January is to layout an ongoing blog/marketing calendar.


Excellent! So glad you're joining in Erin. Welcome. :)


Thanks for joining, Monica, and thanks for the tips!


Great January goal, Jessica! Can't wait to hear how it goes.


I'm in too! I love the idea of the Smash book AND I LOVE LOVE LOVE the Happiness project. I read it every January!
Trying to decide what my first goal is.


wonderful idea and wonderful way to capture them :) love happy yellow


Oh, good! Glad you're joining in. :) I am enjoying The Happiness project so far. LOVED the first chapter, for obvious reasons, I'm sure. :)


Glad you're in Shanon. Great idea to let your word inspire your goals.


Here's to a Happy 2013!

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