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October 27, 2011

Get Your Home Ready for the Holidays: 28 Day Challenge – Day 1

Yesterday’s storage solution of the week was a sneak peek of things to come. We’ve been busy putting together a 28 day challenge that will help you get your home holiday-ready, which means guest-ready and ready to decorate. Sound fun? 


As of today, there are 28 days until the day before Thanksgiving. This means, if we start today, we can do a little bit every day, and be ready to welcome friends and family into our home for Thanksgiving. If you’re not hosting Thanksgiving this year (or you don’t celebrate Thanksgiving where you live) you’ll still want to join the fun. Because, if you do, you’ll have your home ready to decorate for Christmas before December first, which means, you can spend December enjoying the holiday festivities instead of stressing about your house! 


This 28 Day Challenge is like a free, little taste-test of our online workshops right here on the Creative Organizing Blog. My Quick + Simple Clutter Control workshop offers daily prompts (similar to the ones we’ll be sharing in the 28 day challenge) throughout the workshop. The idea behind these daily prompts is to help you bite-size the process of decluttering your home and / or spring cleaning it (which is the focus of the spring session of this workshop.) So you’ll get a taste of bite-sizing a big project and taking action with online accountability and friendship. 


If you’re wondering why I’m doing this in addition to my Get Organized for the Holidays workshop, it’s because Get Organized for the Holidays doesn’t focus on getting your home organized and ready for the holidays. That workshop is about getting yourself organized for the holidays. You learn how to put together a customized holiday plan that you can use year after year. Best yet, I show you how to create a plan to create your ideal holiday season, one that is stress-free and enjoyable, because it focuses on what is most important to you and your family. So if you decide to join the 28 day challenge here, it still makes sense to join in the fun inside the holiday workshop to get the rest of your holiday to-do list planned out. That workshop is open throughout the holiday season (all the way through December), so you have ongoing support and friendship as you navigate through the season.


So do you want to know what the first challenge is? Here we go:

28 days-simplify101
Day 1: Decide to Join + Collect Your Supplies 

Today’s challenge is to decide to join in the fun (by saying "I'm in" in the comments). Then, collect the supplies you need get your home holiday-ready.


Here’s a quick checklist of items that will come in handy as we move forward with the daily challenges. Keep in mind you can always add to your toolkit as you go, so don’t worry that you have to have everything on hand already before you start.


  • Basic cleaning supplies corralled together into a handy container.  (By the way, Mrs. Meyers has a coupon through the 31st of October if you want to splurge on some super yummy smelling and earth-friendly cleaning supplies. Totally not necessary, but it could make this even more fun.)
  • A handled basket or laundry basket for decluttering and moving items to other areas in your home. 
  • Trash bags.
  • A pen, note pad, clipboard and Post-It Notes. 
  • A timer. 


Alright...all that’s left to do now is say “I’m in” in the comments! Then, check back here tomorrow for your Day 2 challenge. 



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I am IN!!!! My house needs a good purge and clean anyway :)

Kate Ware

I'm in!


I'm in!!!


I'm in, I need to have a good sort out.


I'm in! I'm hosting Christmas here and want to make a bunch of gifts so I need to have my house organized.


I'm in! Cleaning is so much more fun when I'm not doing it all by myself. :)


Sounds fun - I'm in!


I'm in!


I'm in!! I can't wait to get started.


Oh I'm definitely in.. I never finished spring cleaning never mind starting fall cleaning! and I do host Thanksgiving and Christmas so this is just perfect.. Thanks so much for doing this.. it will be fun to do it together

Andrea A

I'm in!

Brenna C

I'm in!


I'm in!

julianaa whisman

I'm in!!


I'm in!!

Thanks, Aby!

Kathy C

I'm in!!!

No Place Like Home

I'm in. No time like the present.


I'm in!


I'm in. Perfect thing to get me going!

Lynn M

I'm in. So ready for this.

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