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November 15, 2011

Get Your Home Ready for the Holidays: 28 Day Challenge – Day 20

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Day 20 – Declutter + Organize Board Games

Over the holidays, I love to play board games and card games with my family. In fact, when my sister and mom come to visit, one of the big highlights is a spirited game of cards. So as we get our homes ready for guests and relaxing with our family, let’s declutter and organize the games today. Sound like a plan?




Today’s challenge keeps me in the family room, but you may be moving to another room in your home. Regardless, the goal today is to declutter your family’s games to create space for any new games that may come into your home soon and help get your home one step closer to guest-ready.



As you go through your games, make it your goal to make it easier to use your games and to create a bit of breathing room. If you have  games that don’t fit on the shelf, or in the cabinet, or in whatever  spot you store your games, see if you can let go of enough games today to make them all fit comfortably where they belong. Having all your games put away and in one spot may just cut some surface clutter and it will make it easier to pull out the games and play over the holidays.


Want ideas on how to organize games? Here are some links to prior posts on this topic.


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Happy organizing!



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Veronica @ Tales from Brown Avenue

The photos of your game closet make me want to clean mine out. Everything is just jammed into the back of my linen closet, so we never pull them out, because we're afraid they won't fit back in.

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